World Vegan Day 2022: how many vegans are there in Italy?

Far now from being defined as just a passing fashion veganism remains a strong choice even in Italy, although far from peak of 2017 when well the 3% of the population Italian (just under 2 million people) declared herself vegan. To answer the question how many vegans are there in Italy in 2022 just look at the data of the Italy 2022 Report of Eurispes which has drawn an updated overview of the situation.

How many vegans are there in Italy in 2022

According to what was released by Eurispes, in Italy vegans in 2022 would be 1.3% of the populationapproximately 800 thousand Italians. This is a decrease compared to 2021 when the percentage was 2.4% and of 2020 when it was of 2.2%. Just 2020 was the golden year, with a population between vegans and vegetarians which had arrived in total at 9% of the population. Almost 1 out of 10 Italians that year he had said goodbye to meat. For 2022, on the other hand, Italians who declare themselves vegetarians stop at 5.4% for a combined total 6.9% of the population who chose not to eat meat. In the 2014the first year in which the survey was conducted on how many vegans there are in Italy, the number was around only 0.6%.

The identikit of the Italian vegan

It is not only the number of vegans in Italy that may be of interest, but also their “profile”. According to Eurispes data they are especially young people and young adults to guide the choice to say goodbye to animal products. If you take into account the age range between 18 and 24 years old the percentage of how many vegans there are in Italy rises to 4.8% even if the lion’s share is made by i 25-34 years old with about 6.4% vegans. At the other end of the spectrum, however, older people who struggle to abandon old eating habits. For the over 65 in fact only it 0.2% of the population declares itself vegan. When we consider the genre instead of surprise and in contrast with previous years, there are more men to declare themselves vegan with respect to womenwell 1.7% compared to 0.9%.

Perception of veganism among Italians

To please, however, is a change of perception veganism, no longer seen as an eccentric choice as much as a choice to be respected. For 81% of non-vegans in fact, veganism remains one personal choice worthy of respect. However, there is no lack of a large percentage who still consider the choice as a phenomenon of fanaticism and intolerance (35%).

How many vegans are there in the world

Born in 1994 at the behest of the then president of the The Vegan Society English Louise Wallisthe World Vegan Day each is celebrated November 1 all over the world with events and initiatives aimed at advertising the decision to say goodbye to animal products. According to The Vegan Society, the number of vegans in the world would be growing. The Veganuary 2022 (the month dedicated to experimenting with a 100% vegan diet) for example, would have registered a record of accessions with over 629 thousand people registered in 228 countries around the world.

If determining exactly how many vegans there are in the world is a complicated undertaking, it is the world of entrepreneurship that gives an overview of the increase in interest. The market for plant-based proteins and milk alternatives has literally exploded in recent years with dizzying increases in double figures of turnover. So you are wondering what it is the country with the most vegans in the world? Once again difficult to say for sure given the lack of official data but United Kingdom, India, New Zealand And Israel they present themselves as countries with a high percentage of vegans.

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