World Cup 2022/23

The men’s slalom has long been the most unpredictable specialty of the Alpine Skiing World Cup and also Garmisch is no exception. Despite a “Gudiberg” put to the test by the passage of the athletes and in a frankly unhappy race context from a climatic point of view, the adrenaline remains high, above all because there are also two Italians among the protagonists: Stephen Grosswho records the most clamorous comeback of the day hoisting himself up to 5th place after the 26th time of the inaugural descent, and Thomas Hall, exceptional to finish just behind his teammate despite racing on a much more ruined track and good at recovering four positions in turn. In an absolute sense, the cover belongs to Henrik Kristoffersen, who starts last in the second heat and attacks her as if she had to catch up. Confidence abounds for the Norwegian, who conquers his first victory of the season after four podiums with an enormous advantage over those who join him on the podium: Manuel Feller and the revived Clement Noel.


Gross, what a recovery! Enter the 5 with a super second heat: relive it


Gross, what a recovery! Enter the 5 with a super second heat: relive it


The top 10

2. M. FELLER (AUT) +1.22
3. C. NOEL (FRA) +1.46
4. D. YULE (SUI) +1.71
5. S. GROSS (ITA) +1.79
6. T. SALA (ITA) +1.83
7. M. ROCHAT (SUI) +1.86
8. L. MEILLARD (SUI) +1.96
9. F. GSTREIN (AUT) +1.98
10. A. STEEN OLSEN (NOR) +2.03

Lots of Switzerland in the top 10: Daniel Yule confirms the good moment after the success of Madonna di Campiglio and closes fourth, Marc Rochat in turn he climbs 16 positions and is seventh, just ahead of the regular driver Loic Meillard. The Austrian closes the top 10 Fabio Gstrein and the young Norwegian (born in 2001) Alexander Steen Olsen, first to go down in the second heat. Big regrets for Linus Strasser, who crashed in the “home” race when he was traveling on times that could have earned him second place finish. Out too Kristoffer Jakobsen and Sebastian Foss-Solevaagjust as they were wrong in the first heat Lucas Braathen and Atle Lie McGrath. Not very incisive race for Alexis Pinturault (13th at 2.24) and above all Marco Schwarzwho risks jumping and places 23rd at 3.07.

Finally Kristoffersen! First win of the season and tribute to Hirscher: watch him

For Kristoffersen it is the first success of the season after three seconds and a third place and therefore of the first success wearing the ski brand of former rival Marcel Hirscher. For Norwegian it is the 29th career triumph in the World Cup and the 22nd in slalom, as well as the 77th podium overall. Important numbers. In history, only Ingemar Stenmark (40), Alberto Tomba (35) and Marcel Hirscher (32) have cheered more times than him between the tight posts at this level. With these 100 points it becomes even the new leader of the discipline classificationunseating teammate Braathen.

Kristoffersen: “After three consecutive second places, I’m happy”

Relive the second slalom run in Garmisch

Ski Alpin

Garmisch-Partenkirchen | slalom | 2. Lauf



Sala, good position despite the gap: his first run in Garmisch



Kristoffersen dominates the first heat, extreme conditions


World Cup 2022/23 – Garmisch slalom, Great Italy! Gross 5th and Sala 6th on Kristoffersen day