Work, Credem Banca hires these lucky ones throughout Italy: a diploma is enough

Credem Banca opens up new job opportunities throughout Italy. These are the sought-after figures: only a few requirements are enough. Here’s what figures they are and how to apply.

Credito Emiliano SpA, or better known as Credem Bank is a private credit institution, based in Reggio Emilia.

Founded in 1910, it has changed its name over time. In fact, it was born as Banca Agricola Commerciale of Reggio Emilia and today it is a large holding listed on the stock exchange.

Credem Banca is present with numerous branches, around 600, in 19 regions throughout the national territory. in numerous sectors of activity it has approx 6000 employees currently.

It’s about uan ever expanding company so much so as to have consolidated a net profit last year equal to 352.4 million euros and over 140 thousand new customers, becoming part of the ranking of the most solid credit institutions in Italy.

The growth trend does not stop and in this year around 300 new professional figures were introduced in all the branches of the national territory.

The development perspective is therefore in continuous growth so as to continue with new hires this year as well.

Credem Banca is currently looking for high school graduates to be included in their work context with the job of teller.

But let’s see in detail the requisites required and how to apply.

Work, Credem Banca hires these lucky ones throughout Italy: a diploma is enough

Credem Banca is looking for new professionals who will go to expand its portfolio of employees.

The research currently takes the name of Youth Project. ∅This is a development program intended for those who want to embark on a professional career in banking.

The lucky ones deemed suitable after a certain selection process will go on to fill the position of teller in the various branches distributed throughout the territory national with the possibility of growth and career to cover managerial positions.

Candidates deemed suitable will be hired on an annual contract with the aim of being hired on a permanent basis.

They can forward recent graduates, undergraduates, recent graduates and people with experience in any field can apply.

The economic treatments envisaged for this figure are, of course, envisaged by the national credit agreement, third area, first level.

On average it Expected salary is €29,900 per annum or €15.33 per hour. It must be said that the “entry level” receive a salary of € 29,000 a year, while workers who have gained some experience in the sector earn up to € 45,000 a year.

Credem Banca, this is the application and selection process

To be able to apply as a bank teller, just visit the Credem Banca Banca official website and access the open positions area, by clicking on the “Work with us” area, and sending your curriculum vitae using the appropriate online form.

One time forwarded your CV the Human Resources employees of the Credem Bank Group will proceed to the first phase of evaluation by screening the applications received.

In doing so, an initial assessment is made of the profiles of the candidates who best respond to the searches in progress.

Subsequently, candidates deemed suitable are contacted for an initial group interview.

At this stage, aptitudes, relationship skills, aspirations and motivations of the candidates are assessed.

Upon passing this process, candidates deemed suitable could immediately receive a contract proposal or they can be included in a list of people available for future job opportunities.

Credem Banca invests in personnel, here are the welfare systems adopted

Since its origins, Credem Banca has been very attentive to workers, so much so that it has always adopted very prudent company welfare policies because it cares a lot about the personal and professional lives of employees, essentially their well-being.

This company policy earned him in 2021, the Top Employers Italia certification. This is a recognition assigned by the Top Employers Institute to companies that reach the highest levels in terms of the working conditions offered to their employees.

The initiatives promoted by Credem Banca in support of its employees they are varied, from income support policies to health policies up to maternity.

There are also policies remote working for corporate functions that are not in direct contact with the public, and individual coaching courses for managerial or specialist figures.

Work, Credem Banca hires these lucky ones throughout Italy: a diploma is enough