Winter sports, Italy triumph: from Goggia to Pellegrino, the Azzurri make us dream

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A weekend certainly to remember what is about to end for fans of the circus Whitewhere theItaly of winter sports in these two days it has given unique emotions. In addition to Elena’s victories Curtoni and Sofia Goggia in the double date a St. Moritz and the third place of Mattia Speakers in free descent in Val GardenaL’Mameli’s anthem it also resonated at Davos with Frederick’s success Pilgrim in the sprint cross-country skiing and tobogganing with Dominik Fischnaller and the couple Voetter/Oberhofer. Excellent result also in biathlon thanks to Lisa Vittozzi who took second place in the women’s pursuit of Le Grand Bornand.

Winter sports, alpine skiing: Curtoni and Goggia conquer St. Moritz, Casse third in Val Gardena

The rain of triumphs Blues already starts on Friday 16 December when, in the first descent on the calendar at St. MoritzElena from Valtellina Curtoni wins the race ahead to compatriot Sofia Goggia. Fear during the test for the Bergamo player who, due to the violent impact with the third goal, fractures the third and fourth metacarpals of her left hand and is operated on urgently Milan. But when the going gets tough, Goggia starts playing and the miracle happens: a few hours after the surgery, Super Sophie is at the starting gate on the Swiss snow and the blue wins his umpteenth success in the World Cup. Glimmer of light even in the Alpine skiing masculine, where Matthias Speakers gets his first career podium with third place always in the free descent in the Italian leg of the Val Gardena. The weekend pre-Christmas with the speed but it’s not finished yet and with the Super G Of St. Moritz for women and the long-awaited appointment in Val Abbey with men, the Italians could still reserve us surprises.

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Alpine skiing, Sofia Goggia

Winter sports, Italy show: Pellegrino re in Davos, thrilling toboggan with Fischnaller and Voetter/Oberhofer

However, the Italian flag did not wave only at St. Moritzbut auction stay in the Canton of Grisonsprecisely a Davosto enjoy another success Made in Italy. In the Swiss stage of the cross-country skiing World Cup, theItaly triumphs with Frederick Pilgrim in the sprint in free technique beating the super Norwegian Johannes Klaebo and the Frenchman Lucas Chanavat. Blue success also overseas, where the sled gets two important victories a Park Cityin the United States. The first comes from the men’s single with an amazing Dominik Fischnaller who wins in comeback to the German champion Felix Loch and to the Austrian David Gleirscherwhile the second comes from the duo Andrea Voetter and Marion Oberhofer who immediately managed to defeat the competition: for the two South Tyroleans it is the second consecutive victory in the circuit. Also noteworthy is the excellent second place of Lisa Vittozzi in the women’s biathlon pursuit test at Le Grand Bornand which crowns a perfect season so far for the sappadina, momentarily second in the general classification.

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Winter sports, Italy triumph: from Goggia to Pellegrino, the Azzurri make us dream –