Winter forecasts 2022

According to the first projections, the winter in Italy could be anomalous with temperatures above average even in December

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According to the first forecasts for the winter of 2022-2023, a vortex of high pressure could lead Europe towards the so-called atmospheric blockin English “omega blocking”, which could substantially creep into the Old Continent until the end of 2022. From the first days of 2023, therefore, temperatures could return to the seasonal average.

Winter forecast 2022-2023: Europe towards atmospheric block

The first projections for winter 2022-2023 come fromECMWFthe European Center for Medium-Term Weather Forecasting based in the United Kingdom.

Winter could be divided into two blocks: in the part northeastern we can speak of high pressure with an estimate indicating i 500 hPawhile as regards Western Europe and in particular the Iberian Peninsula, a low pressure is expected with a depression vortex especially at low altitudes.

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Will it be a warm, snowless Christmas? In Italy, temperatures are expected to be + 1 ° C higher than the seasonal average in December

For this the projections speak of abnormalAnda technical term that indicates two different behaviors in terms of geopotential.

What does “atmospheric block” mean

By atmospheric block we mean a high pressure area bordering two low pressure areas which, due to their lower baric configuration, are held to the sides and then move.

This is why a mild winterwhile in the central-western part there will be a greater concentration of low pressure.

The consequences for Italy: hot December until Christmas

According to the projections also reported by ‘3b Meteo’, Italy will be hit by the vortex of low pressureespecially in the southern part of the country, but there is also talk of a December marked by temperatures one degree higher than the average.

Also according to the first projections, the abnormal heat on Italy could start fromDecember 8 and last until the day of Christmasto then move and return the temperatures of the seasonal average to the country.

The anomalous Christmas heat could be caused by the anticyclone “blocked” on north-eastern Europe, which will bring Russia and Scandinavia to temperatures even 2 degrees higher than the average, a real anomaly for two “cold reservoirs”.

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Winter forecasts 2022-2023, first projections: Italy towards a Christmas with abnormal heat