Where to go in Italy when you love nature?

The Dolomites

North of theItaly, the Dolomites constitute a particular sector of the Alpine arc. The landscape of the place is indeed characterized by peaks with particularly steep faces which spring out in majestic peaks. The Tre Cime di Lavaredo are the three most emblematic towers of this type. Thanks to the refuges scattered in the region, the Dolomites lend themselves particularly well to trekking. The via ferrata is another major activity in the Dolomites, for a stay closer to nature. Many lakes also nestle in the hollow of these mountains. The Lago di Braies is undoubtedly the most emblematic, with its reflection of the surrounding mountains, its elegant boats and its intense color.

Reisa Lake

Although it is an artificial lake, Lake Reisa is set in a remarkable natural setting which makes it an essential destination when seeking a breath of fresh air in Italy. Its particularity: the bell tower which emerges from the waters, the only visible vestige of the village submerged during the creation of the lake. In winter, it is sometimes possible to reach it by walking on the ice. In summer, going around the lake is a very pleasant walk. It is also possible to go diving in order to explore the submerged ruins.

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Lake Maggiore

Located in Piedmont, the lake maggiore is one of Italy’s natural wonders. Huge, it offers the opportunity to go boating, paddle, kayak to better explore its secrets. If its shores seem too crowded and you are looking for a less frequented nature destination, just take one of the many paths that rise on the heights that surround the lake. The immersion in nature is then complete, and the panorama on the lake magnificent. The tour of Lake Maggiore is also a beautiful 83 kilometer cycling trip.

Bidderosa Oasis

At the oasis of Bidderosa, nature offers itself to the traveler in a spirit that is both wild and gentle. Wild because the site is particularly preserved thanks to a natural park where passage by motorized vehicle is limited; soft because the water is warm and the shallow depth allows swimming in peace. Located on the east coast of Sardinia, in Orosei, the oasis of Bidderosa is the grouping of five beaches lined with white sand. Monte Urcatu offers a breathtaking view of the creeks and their turquoise waters. Admission is charged and the number of visitors is limited: remember to reserve your places.

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Abruzzo National Park

In the heart of Italy, between Rome and Naples, the Abruzzo Natural Park offers nature lovers its wild and verdant mid-mountain setting. It is a place for hiking where chamois, wolves, eagles or even lynx and bears meet… The small perched villages contribute to the charm of the place. Barrea Lake allows you to end a walk with a pleasant swim.

The Aeolian Islands

To the north of Sicily unfold the Aeolian Islands, a string of islands that reveal particularly intense natural landscapes due to their volcanic origin. This is where you can climb Stromboli, which very regularly spits out jets of lava, to be admired at night for more contrast. The other islands all have their specificities: the cliffs of Salina are impressive, Lipari is renowned for its sulfur fumaroles, the summit of the crater of Vulcano reveals a wide panorama of the other islands…

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Where to go in Italy when you love nature?