What are the most searched words and characters in 2022 on Google

As every year, Google has published the lists of words more look for by users all over the world and in Italy, with a division into sub-categories that clearly define the curiosities that emerged from the approx 3.5 billion of searches that are carried out every day on average – 40 thousand per second – by the world population. The site now functions as the main gateway to the collective knowledge of the network, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise the volume of questions that are asked to the algorithm. Analyzing search data is a great way to understand trends and moods, and it’s no mystery that companies and the media now also base their work on Google trends. So let’s see what were the most clicked and searched terms in 2022.

What are the most searched words on Google in Italy in 2022

The words of the year in Italy they show a people fond of mass culture and sport. But also interested and concerned about the national and global political situation. The singer Blanco and the character of Drusilla Foer earn a place in the ranking of the most searched terms in 2022 thanks to their participation in the Sanremo Festival, a collective ritual of the Belpaese. This year of research has also been marked by the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II and of our local king of scientific dissemination Piero Angela.

Space then for the match between Italy and Macedonia at the European Championships and the Australian Open. So in the early elections which saw the victory of Giorgia Meloni and the Brothers of Italy. Many places on the list are then occupied by the terms related to the war between Russia and Ukraine wanted by Vladimir Putin.

  1. Ukraine
  2. Queen Elizabeth
  3. Russia Ukraine
  4. Australian Open
  5. Elections 2022
  6. Putin
  7. Peter Angela
  8. Drusilla
  9. Italy Macedonia
  10. Blanco

What are the most searched words on Google in the world in 2022

In the world the most searched for words are those of a pun that has gone viral and terms related to the world of sport. Also in this case, the war in Ukraine and the death of Queen Elizabeth II could not be missing, but there are also other trends not present in Italy. That is the release of the latest iPhone and the Netflix cult series dedicated to one of the most ruthless serial killers in history.

  1. Wordle
  2. India vs England
  3. Ukraine
  4. Queen Elizabeth
  5. Ind vs SA
  6. World Cup
  7. India vs West Indies
  8. iPhone 14
  9. Jeffrey Dahmer
  10. Indian Premier League

The characters of 2022 in Italy according to Google

Vladimir Putin tops the list of most wanted characters on the search engine by Italian users during 2022. Together with him still those who have trod the Ariston stage, with Ornella Muti together with Blanco and Drusilla Foer, and the showman Marco Bellavia, who made headlines for his participation to Big Brother Vip, where he was bullied by the other competitors, who targeted him because of his depression. All the others are names of soccer and tennis players.

  1. Putin
  2. Drusilla
  3. Blanco
  4. sinner
  5. Vlakhovic
  6. Djokovic
  7. Berrettini
  8. Dybala
  9. Marco Bellavia
  10. Ornella Muti

The most searched characters who disappeared in 2022

In addition to Queen Elizabeth II and Piero Angela, among the mourning who have most affected Italians and caused greater research traffic are personalities from the world of sport, politics and cinema, our own and great international artists.

  1. Queen Elizabeth
  2. Peter Angela
  3. Mino Raiola
  4. David Sassoli
  5. Monica Vitti
  6. Manuel Vallicella
  7. Catherine Spaak
  8. Anne Heche
  9. Olivia Newton John
  10. Ray Liotta

The most searched singers and actors on Google in 2022

The list of most sought after singers in Italy in 2022 it opens with the two winners of the Sanremo Festival. All the positions are occupied by the participants and guests of the singing festival, attesting to the cultural importance of the competition in mass culture.

  1. Blanco
  2. Mahmood
  3. Gianni Morandi
  4. VAT Zanicchi
  5. Ana Mena
  6. Irama
  7. Massimo Ranieri
  8. List Representative
  9. Gianluca Grignani
  10. Achilles Lauro

The night of the Oscars with the slap of Will Smith to Chris Rock dominates the ranking of actors. Where a curious name appears, that of Gianluca Gori, who is none other than the interpreter of Drusilla Foer, and therefore appears in this double capacity in the searches and in the hearts of Italians.

  1. Will Smith
  2. Gianluca Gori
  3. Vanessa Incontrada
  4. Luca Marinelli
  5. Maria Chiara Giannetta
  6. Chris Rock
  7. Lorraine Cesarini
  8. Michael J. Fox
  9. Evan Peters
  10. Giovanna Ralli

The most searched TV series and films by Italians in 2022

Whoever said that streaming platforms killed movies and TV series and the pleasure of tuning in all together to follow the same story must think again by looking at the rankings of the most searched film and serial content on Google. All real phenomenons of costume. Below is the list of most searched TV series.

  1. Stranger Things
  2. dahmer
  3. manifest
  4. lol 2
  5. The Watcher
  6. Purple like the sea
  7. The brilliant friend
  8. House of the Dragon
  9. Survivors
  10. The bride

In the ranking of most searched movies the comic book superhero films and videogames, the Netflix blockbuster “Don’t look up”, the new chapters of the sagas of Jurassic Park and Top Gun and the film adaptation of an investigation by Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie stand out.

  1. Doctor Strange
  2. Thor love and thunder
  3. Don’t look up
  4. Uncharted
  5. The Batman
  6. Murder on the Nile
  7. Top Guns
  8. Black Adams
  9. Morbius
  10. Jurassic World

The most searched questions on Google by Italians in 2022

The most curious chapter is always that of most searched questions on Google. To many of these we di HereFinance we have tried to answer through our guides and our specials.

Because… ?

  1. Russia wants to invade Ukraine (explained here)
  2. Pioli is on fire (sung on the occasion of victory of the Milan we told you about here)
  3. Increase Gasoline (explained here)
  4. Draghi resigned (explained here)
  5. Diesel costs more than petrol (explained here)
  6. Totti and Ilary separate (here the value of their empire)
  7. Half dose Moderna (explained here)
  8. Electra and Guinevere quarreled
  9. Lilli Gruber is not at half past eight
  10. Dybala leaves Juventushere the record career of the black and white in 10 numbers)

How to do… ?

  1. The quick swab
  2. Polls on WhatsApp (explained here)
  3. Tampon at home
  4. The passport
  5. Single check application (explained here)
  6. 200 euro bonus question (explained here)
  7. Molecular swab
  8. ISEE 2022 (explained here)
  9. iOS 16 update (explained here)
  10. Peaches in syrup

What does it mean… ?

  1. The Z on Russian tanks (explained here)
  2. Oranza
  3. Speak in cursive (explained here)
  4. One-off (explained here in relation to a bonus)
  5. No fly zone (explained here)
  6. Baiulo
  7. Reinforced green pass (explained here)
  8. Paraclete
  9. Drop Instagram
  10. BORN

What are the most searched words and characters in 2022 on Google