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A little low pressure vortex associated with a drop of cold air at high altitude, it rapidly approaches Italy. In these hours the minimum on the ground is on Greece but in the afternoon it will be roughly on the Gulf of Taranto. Over the weekend it will slowly move northwest so much so that on Sunday we will find it on the central regions. Its structure, stronger at altitude than on the ground, its rather small size and the fact that it will move in a high baric context, will not allow it large room for maneuver. The rainfall it will be more summer than autumn, that is, we will have gods locally intense phenomena and even with a stormy background, but they will be isolated and of reduced areal dimensions, a bit like it would happen in the summer period. There is no potential to bring abundant and widespread rains throughout our territory, especially in the North, at least in this first phase with unchanged drought conditions which will continue to plague many regions. But for next week something will change, the Atlantic perturbations, the only ones capable of bringing abundant rainfall, will get closer. Meanwhile, let’s see how this weekend will evolve.

Weather Saturday 12th November: Northpartly cloudy or cloudy for medium-high stratified clouds, even compact ones but without phenomena. Center: scattered medium-high cloudiness, even compact but without phenomena, expected some light rain in the evening or at night in Abruzzo. South, cloudy or very cloudy in the Adriatic and Ionian regions with some light rain, in the evening / night possible thunderstorms even intense on the Ionian coast between Salento, Calabria and eastern Sicily. Scattered and cleared clouds over Campania and Sardinia. Temperatures down from the east. Winds weak or moderate eastern or northern with reinforcements on the lower Adriatic and the Ionian where they can also be strong in the evening. Mari the southern basins moved, also very rough in the lower Adriatic and Ionian areas, the others did not move or moved.

Weather Sunday 13th November: Northsome thickening in Emilia Romagna associated with sporadic rains, large clearings elsewhere with a tendency at the end of the day to some rain even between lower Lombardy and Triveneto. Centersome scattered rain, locally moderate between Marche and Abruzzo where some thunderstorms are not excluded. Southirregular cloudiness with rain and local intermittent showers, locally with a thunderstorm background and intense in the morning between eastern Sicily, Ionian Calabria and Puglia. Temperatures slightly down in the Center and South. Winds weak or moderate northerners in the Center North, also strong southerners in the South with gusts up to 80km / h on Salento. Mari very rough the southern basins, also rough the Ionian. The others moved

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Weather – Imminent cold vortex over Italy, but with very different effects from North to South. Here’s how the weekend will go