Weather report. Front in transit over part of Italy with heavy storms, snow and wind. Flood in Campania. Situation and forecasts

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Weather Center: bad weather on several occasions in the next few days
Weather Center: bad weather on several occasions in the next few days

KING UPDATE 16.45. GUSTS OF OVER 80KM/H IN THE SOUTH. A strong wind blows between the northwest and southwest in the south with gusts that in Sicily, Calabria and Salento have touched 80km/h, exceeded instead in Basilicata in the Matera hinterland where they reached 85km/h. Meanwhile, in northern Puglia the winds begin to shift from the northern quadrants, while in Sardinia a tense Mistral blows.

UPDATE 3.30 PM. STRONG THUNDERSTORMS OVER THE SALENTO, TROMBA MARINA IN LECCE. Severe thunderstorms are reaching southern Puglia, carried by an intense southwestern flow. Salento is directly involved, with rainfall accumulations exceeding 60 mm in the Lecce area. Right in the Lecce area in the morning a waterspout was sighted which touched ground near Santa Maria di Leuca causing some inconvenience and leaving about 250 users without electricity.

UPDATE 3 PM. CALABRIA, WINDSHIELD IN LAMETIN. THEAlong with heavy showers and thunderstorms that affected the Tyrrhenian side of Calabria in the morning, a whirlwind hit the Lametino uprooting trees and uncovering the roofs of some houses. Numerous calls to the Fire Brigade, inconvenience at Lametia airport where some flights were diverted to Brindisi due to bad weather.

In the following video the strong storm in Lametia Terme:

UPDATE 12.45. THUNDERS IN CALABRIA. Heavy showers and thunderstorms did not spare Calabria this Sunday morning, with phenomena concentrated above all on the Tyrrhenian side. Especially Cosentino, Vibonese and Reggino were involved with rainfall accumulations that quickly reached 30mm.

UPDATE AT 12. BAD WEATHER IN THE SOUTH, FLOODING IN STROMBOLI. The core of storms that reached Sicily and Calabria in the morning is giving rise to severe thunderstorms and storms and has directly affected the Aeolian Islands, where major flooding is being recorded. In Stromboli, rivers of mud and debris poured onto the roads, also involving some houses. Flooding also in Lipari. Suspended maritime connections with Alicudi and Filicudi.

UPDATE 8 AM. The perturbation that arrived on Saturday is still affecting part of the southern regions with rains and showers at dawn on Sunday. The front is orchestrated by a minimal pressure that is being excavated over southern Italy, fed by fresh air descending from high European latitudes towards the central Mediterranean.

CAMPANIA FLOOD. It’s still raining on stretches of Campania, albeit with a decidedly more attenuated intensity than yesterday, when a real flood hit Cilento causing extensive damage. The municipality of Agropoli and Castellabate, in the Salerno area, where the Fire Brigade, supported by departments from all over the region, carried out hundreds of interventions. Some streams have overflowed causing heavy flooding that has transformed the streets into rivers full of debris. Many cars were dragged by the current, the water invaded cellars, shops on the ground floors and some schools. All schools in the province will be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

‘The photos and videos that come to us from Cilento, and in particular from Agropoli and Castellabate, leave us speechless. Heavy rains, flooding of the Testene river and other watercourses have caused the flooding of urban centres. My full solidarity with mayors Roberto Mutalipassi and Marco Rizzo and with all the affected communities. The Province will not fail to make its contribution in this difficult moment’ said the president of the province Michele Strianese.

In the following videos the flood in Cilento:

RAIN AND STORMS ON THE MAJOR ISLANDS. Sunday morning begins under the banner of instability on the major islands with showers and some thunderstorms. In Sicily a storm cell is rising from the sea towards the southern coast, even if the bulk of its phenomena occurs in the open sea. However, some reverses affect the central-western sector of the region, especially the Palermo area. In Sardinia, showers and thunderstorms are moving from the sea towards the Sassarese, driven by a tense Mistral flow.

SOME RAIN IN CENTRAL ITALY. The perturbation is also affecting the central regions, in particular the inland areas of the lower Marches, southern Umbria and eastern Lazio, while some snowflakes fall on the Apennines above 1300/1500m.

FIRST FROST IN THE PADANA VAL. The minimum temperatures have dropped significantly in the northern regions, thanks to the serene skies and nocturnal radiation, with values ​​that in the Northwest have approached zero. 0°C recorded at Malpensa, 1°C in Milan, 2°C in Turin, but with several locations in the open countryside that have also dropped below zero. Below zero in the Alpine valleys, with -3°C in Aosta and -1°C in Bolzano.

WEATHER NEXT HOURS. To the North last rains in the morning on the Friulian coast, running out with a tendency to clear up. Elsewhere mostly sunny weather, except for fog banks until the morning along the Po. In the evening, clouds intensifying on the Alpine borders with light snowfalls above 900m on the Swiss ones. To the Center scattered and clearing clouds increasingly large on the Tyrrhenian side, initially still cloudy over Umbria and the Adriatic regions with scattered rains and showers (locally also lower Lazio was involved until the early hours of the day). In the evening exhaustion of phenomena and partial clearing from the north. Snow limit on the Apennines at 1300/1500m. To the South rains and thunderstorms in Campania, Calabria, Lucania and Sicily, extending to Puglia with even strong phenomena on the Tyrrhenian side where storms will be possible. During the day phenomena running out in Campania with partial lightening in the evening. Snow falling on the Apennines up to 1500/1700m in the evening. Temperatures decreasing in the South. Strong Mistral winds with possible storm surges on the western coasts of the major islands. High water on the Venetian Lagoon with a peak of one meter in the early morning. For all the details enter the section Italy weather.

In the following video the high water in Venice this morning:

Weather forecast for Sunday
Weather forecast for Sunday

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Weather report. Front in transit over part of Italy with heavy storms, snow and wind. Flood in Campania. Situation and forecasts