Weather Italy: imminent arrival of disturbances, everything will soon change


After the springtime warmth of New Year’s Eve, we begin to see first clear signs of a change in weather. The subtropical high still remains in the saddle but is beginning to give way along the western perimeter due to further oppressive Atlantic infiltration. A first disturbance is at our doorstep and is preparing to deteriorate the north.

Development expected just before Epiphany, with anticyclonic heights in western Italy

Tuesday, January 3, there will be a little more rain in the north, but also in parts of the central Tyrrhenian country. Overall, this will be minor effects considering its impact the anticyclone will still be present even if its center of gravity moves back to the west. After the disturbance, there will be colder air currents from the north, with temperatures dropping slightly.

However, the unusual heat will suffer a shutdown We can’t talk about winter yet. Somehow the anticyclone will manage to repel the interrupted attacks and hold out at least until Epiphany, when it will also strengthen again, at least temporarily. The weather will therefore remain generally stable apart from the wet infiltrations which will mainly affect northern Italy.

We have to wait until the coming weekend for a winter restart, when deterioration due to the sinking of a North Atlantic choppy bag cannot be ruled out. At this point, a shift in circulation appears to be confirmed, with the high retreating to much more westerly positions, potentially allowing cold disrupted dips.


Tuesday, January 3: To the north, degradation is expected from the Atlantic disturbance from France, which will cause light rain and snowfall in the mid to high altitude Alps, lower on the border ridges. There will also be some showers on the mid-high Tyrrhenian side, while the rest of Italy will be mostly sunny.

Wednesday January 4: Residual conditions of mid-north variability with some precipitation between Levante Ligure and Tuscany but with a tendency to open skies. Cooler air will circulate, mitigating abnormal heat, especially in the mountains.

Thursday, January 5: Stable scenario but with lots of low cloud along the Tyrrhenian region and Levante Ligure where isolated drizzle is expected. Elsewhere, clearings and mists predominate in the Po Valley.

More weather trends: Little evolutionary epiphany between sun and some clouds in the mid-north. Thereafter, given the North Atlantic currents, the anticyclone could soften more significantly and return to a scenario more favorable to winter.

Weather Italy: imminent arrival of disturbances, everything will soon change – Romandie-guide