Weather 7 days: Conveyor belt of disruptions to Italy!

The rain has returned to wet many places in the center and in the north thanks to the entry of a rapid Atlantic perturbation, the first of a long series expected in the next 7-10 days. The Mediterranean will become the target of a veritable conveyor belt of Atlantic perturbations, which will find the road paved by a practically absent anticyclone.

All thanks to the Scandinavian anticyclone, which imposes the typical “low zonality” where the cold air masses of Eastern Europe flow into the Atlantic giving a hand to the perturbations that will affect all of central-western Europe.

Between tomorrow and the beginning of next week there will be at least 4 perturbations in Italy, all in rapid succession and with very short breaks in between. All of Italy will be affected by bad weather as it involves perturbations moving from west to east which will inevitably flow first over northern Italy and then through central and southern Italy.

First disruption: already in place, it will affect the northeast, center and south between Wednesday and the early hours of Thursday.

Second disruption: expected on Friday, it will be very quick.

Third disruption: expected between Saturday and Sunday, it will be the most intense of the week and could give rise to widespread rains and intense local storms on the Tyrrhenian slopes. Lots of snow awaited in the mountains, beyond the 1000-1200 meters North.

Fourth disruption: probable between Monday 21 and Tuesday 22.

But let’s go into detail and see what awaits us day by day:

Wednesday November 16th: bad weather in the north-east, rains and showers on the central-southern Tyrrhenian side. Much more disorganized phenomena in the middle-lower Adriatic.

Thursday 17 November: increasing clouds in the north, residual rains in the south improving. Temperatures rising slightly.

Friday 18 November: new fault caused by another Atlantic perturbation. Rains arriving in the north-west and upper Tyrrhenian Sea, rapidly spreading to the north-east, much of the center and the south. Temperatures rising slightly.

Saturday 19 November: bad weather over most of Italy, another more intense Atlantic perturbation is coming. Risk of storms in the medium-high Tyrrhenian Sea, Campania, Puglia, Molise. Snowfall in the Alps above 1000 meters. Dropping temperatures.

Sunday 20 November: bad weather in the north-east, center and south. Snowfall in the Alps. Dropping temperatures.


Monday 21 November: possible fourth disturbance towards Italy, to be confirmed. Stationary temperatures.

Tuesday 22 November: possible widespread bad weather in the center and south, gradual improvement in the north. Dropping temperatures.

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Weather 7 days: Conveyor belt of disruptions to Italy!