2022 is also coming to an end, a year of great transition for VR with the new generations of next-gen and stand-alone viewers at the door.

A lot has happened regarding VR since the reveal of PSVR2 to the outstanding sequels of Moss and Redmatter, no one was left dry. For the delivery complete we leave you with the video at the head of the article because we must immediately move on to what interests you most, that is the free games made available by the community to celebrate 2022 that greets us.

As happened last year (where, however, the keys had been made available by FANATIC) this year we have collected all the keys made available by users and duplicates for reviews for a total of 10 games between META QUEST and PCVR than if purchased individually from the store would cost more than €250 !!!

The rules for participating in the contest are the same as last year:
just log in to the this link where thanks to the Gleam website we set up a real contest! Through the site you will have to authenticate and follow some simple steps

1- The first way is by Sign up to our Telegram channel, a channel that we have opened in order to have direct contact with the community. If you do not have a Telegram account you will have to do so, also because it will be necessary to redeem any prize won.

You simply have to click and join the channel. If everything was done correctly you will get the check mark. Attention you must enter a Nickname and a correct Mail before you can continue.

2- Among all call to action you will be prompted to sign up to our Twitch channel where several times a week you will find us live to have a chat with the community.


3- Visit and Follow our Youtube channel! Where you will always find video reviews, insights and video guides of all kinds! Enter and activate the bell to be notified of each new video


If you have done all the steps you are ready to participate in this draw, each step will be used to increase your chances to be extracted.


The extraction will be done live on our channel Twitch of December 29 starting at 21:00 during the episode.

However, the surprises are not over, during the episode there will be other flash draws for those present at the live broadcast. There will be more keys for TWD: Saints and sinners 2 for META QUEST unlocking the PC version in February!


We wish you good luck in the draw and see you for a year-end toast on Thursday 29 December at 21:00!

A greeting,
The VR Italy team

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