Vox trusts that Meloni’s victory in Italy will boost his conservative ideas throughout Europe

The predictable victory of georgia melon in the elections to be held tomorrow in Italy could be a shock to vox in one of the worst moments that the party is going through in the last four years. The formation trusts that the melon effect allow them to break the downward trend shown by the polls and boost conservative ideas throughout Europe after having seduced one of the great powers of the continent.

Vox boasted, until now, of having as relevant international allies the Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orbánand that of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, two countries with much less weight than Italy and with which Spain hardly shares history or traditions, unlike what happens with the Alpine country. Meloni’s success could boost them in the polls, as well as add a powerful new ally to that list.

the leader of Fratelli d’Italia declared this week, in an interview in Ephthat he hopes that his victory “marks the way” for the victory of Vox in Spain and spoke of Santiago Abascal as a “friend” who is united by “mutual esteem and loyalty”. Praise that he returned to her during a conference at the San Pablo CEU University where he said of her that “she is a good friend” and expressed hope that he can again participate in a Vox electoral campaign, as he did in Andalusia.

The friendship of Meloni and Abascal

The exalted forms and his statements during that famous rally in Marbella sparked controversy even in Italy, where Meloni had to justify himself for the tone used. Abascal stressed, however, that “sign” in full the content of your words . When asked about the possible negative effect of that intervention on Vox’s disappointing result in Andalusia, he flatly rejected it.

The main ideas that connect these parties are the staunch defense of the sovereignty of European nations against globalism; the protection of Christian values ​​and roots; the opposition to the so-called 2030 Agenda or the rejection of everything promoted by the left. As a summary, the provocative campaign slogan used by Meloni in Italy could well serve: “God, country and family“.

The ideas that unite them

Abascal himself has stated that “globalism is an ideology that tries to take away from peoples their ability to decide about their own future”, referring to policies based on climate change theory as “climate religion” and his defenders as “shamans”, whom he reproached for acting “leaving aside humanism”. “Decisions are made behind the backs of the people and against our values ​​and traditions”, he said.

From Vox they defend that these ideas are “common sense” and that, sooner or later, they will end up being imposed in more countries, especially after the foreseeable triumph of Meloni in Italy. An ideological hegemony that would make it easier for them to break the “demonization” to which they are habitually subjected by the rest of the political parties and the press.

The “demonization” of the left and the media

Fratelli d’Italia’s own candidate was ironic about this matter in the interview granted to Efe when she declared: “We smile when we see that in Italy the left uses Vox to attack Fratelli d’Italia and in Spain they resort to Fratelli d’Italia to attack Vox. Maybe we’re not the monsters that count“. Idea supported by Abascal himself for whom the “demonization” that Vox has suffered has also contributed to its growth because “many citizens have felt insulted.”

The fall of donald trump in the US caused many to predict the beginning of the end of conservative ideas in America and Europe. However, Italy, Hungary, Poland, perhaps Sweden or in the future France, in addition to Brazil on the other side of the continent, are an example of the resurgence of these ideas.

Vox trusts that Meloni’s victory in Italy will boost his conservative ideas throughout Europe