Villages in Italy: the most beautiful to visit during the Christmas holidays

That Italy can boast of having among the most beautiful villages this is nothing new to the world. Many of these are abandoned and are discovered almost by accident, while others have become famous for theirs beauty and for theirs timeless charm. Christmas has the ability to make these little treasures even more beautiful and evocative, above all because many of these are rural and surrounded by nature. If you haven’t thought about visiting them yet, here are some of the most beautiful villages in Italy not to be missed during the Christmas holidays!

Gubbio, Umbria

Surely among the villages of Italy to visit at Christmas it cannot be missed Gubbio. Here you can admire what has made the Umbrian village so famous: its Christmas tree is the largest in the world, so much so that it entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1991.Christmas tree di Gubbio is made up, in fact, of over 800 luminous bodies scattered along the slopes of Mount Ingino, where the medieval city of Gubbio rises downstream. To imagine its greatness, just think that the comet occupies well over 1000 square meters! The atmosphere is really magical, especially shortly after sunset when the tree lights up and gives an unforgettable sense of peace and warmth. Gubbio, however, also offers another pearl: the suggestive Living Nativity of the medieval quarter of San Pietro.

Castelmezzano, Basilicata

Castelmezzano, in Basilicata, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, evocative and characteristic villages to visit during the Christmas holidays. But not only that, according to many it is one of the most beautiful villages in the world. Castelmezzano, in fact, is set just like a precious stone among the Lucan Dolomites and this makes the panorama even more suggestive. When the peaks of the Llcane Dolomites turn white, the sun sets and the lights of the small village light up one after the other it is impossible not to be breathless in front of such a fairy-tale and magical atmosphere. Here time seems to be suspended and during the Christmas holidays wander around the snowy old town it is truly an unmissable experience!

Genga, Marches

After the largest Christmas tree in the world, comes the Largest living nativity scene in the world. It is located right at Genga, the town in the Marches located in the Upper Esino Valley in the province of Ancona. Genga, protected by the medieval walls of the castle and surrounded by marvelous woods, is one of the most fascinating villages in Italy where you can Christmas. On the other hand, it cannot fail to be so given its architectural and naturalistic beauties which, as if by magic, are transformed during the Christmas period and enchant visitors. But the real protagonist is the Living Nativity: organized by 1981 inside the suggestive Gola di Frasassi, it covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters. There are no less than 300 participants and they are committed every year to reviving this one over time important tradition, as well as giving prestige to their small but wonderful village. Along the path that leads to the cave you can meet characters of all kinds such as shepherds, fishermen and farmers, while once you reach the natural cave of the Shrine of Frasassi to welcome you there are the true artisans of the area.

Tellaro, Liguria

For those who want to spend Christmas in a different village than usual, then Tellaro it’s perfect for you. This little one fishing village, perched on the cliffs of the Gulf of Poets in Liguria, is a truly fascinating and characteristic place. Not surprisingly, over the centuries it has nourished the pen of many poets and given life to the works of illustrious artists. On the evening of Christmas Eve But something really magical happens: thousands of lights they light up the houses and walls that line the marina. However, the real surprise will be waiting for you: in the meantime a group of divers are bringing the beach back to the surface statue of baby Jesus (donated by Pope John Paul II) placed on a small shell. Subsequently, the statue is carried in procession through the narrow streets of the village up to the parish church of the village where the Christmas mass is held, as per tradition. The “Underwater Christmas at Marina di Tellaro” was born in 1970 and still today it offers curious, faithful and visitors a unique and special experience, which ends at midnight with a fireworks display.

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