VIDEO | Tiziano Ferro: “I felt destined to be a father. In Italy everything has to change about adoptions”

ROME – Twenty years of career, over 200 songs published and a success that goes beyond the Italian borders. Nevertheless Tiziano Ferro he still wants to amaze and this Friday (November 11) he returns with ‘The world is Ours’seventh unreleased album, out by Virgin Records / Universal Music.

It does so with 13 unreleased tracks that have been anticipated by ‘La vita Splendida’, the song written in collaboration with Brunori Sas and DiMartino. Litmus paper of a project in which the singer-songwriter from Latina abandons all insecurity, even the daughter of the pandemic, and simply has fun, as he tells Agency Dire: “I found myself having fun in the studio which, honestly, hadn’t happened to me in a long time and I say this without fear. Not because the last records were born with a dark mood but because when you make records with a single person and there is nothing other than that exchange one by one you risk having the most beautiful experiences “.


This person is Marco Sonzini, met in Los Angeles and now a fundamental work partner. “I hope to continue making records with him – he says – because he knows how to read my thoughts on production and he knows how to bring into sound what I write at my house and then we have fun with each other. I believe this is necessary ”.


Between intense ballads and songs with a more pop breath, Tiziano sings his 40 years, full of a new awareness, of a dreamed and at times forbidden paternity, of the accounts with the past that today are truly closed and of love, declined in a thousand different forms . The starting point is the title track, ‘The world is ours’. “It is the first song I wrote”, remembers Ferro who launches a reflection on the role of the artist today and on the possibility of “Open a window, a different perspective on the world”.

This is how Tiziano abandons all superstructure and also talks about depression and mental health, in ‘Goodbye My Love’. Track that cancels any mainstream idea on the subject: “We talk about it a lot but in a too vulgar way – he explains – too banal. You use this definition to get someone’s attention and then the topic ends there. We need to give names and surnames, we need to talk about illness, about treatments. Depression can be a moment of sadness but if we talk about chronic depression we have to talk about a much more rooted, deeper reality. Let’s talk about disease and it would be appropriate to start talking about it like any disease“.


Among the songs the collaborations with Roberto Vecchioni, Caparezza, Sting, Ambra Angiolini (who returns to sing after years away from the recording studios) and thasup. In the very young Roman rapper Ferro found many points of contact. “I see myself in him in that frankness and in that clarity of ideas typical of 25 years “He says.

“It does not matter if you are saying or doing the right thing you do it and he is like that, he is a train, a river, he has clear ideas – he explains – I like the fact that he entered the trap door simply for convenience. , however, then he is a pop artist. He’s defining what new pop is and we’ve felt the need for a generation of artists like him for a while“.


The virtual meeting between him and the singer-songwriter from Latina gave birth to ‘r () t () nda’, piece number 6 of Titian’s disc. “I feel privileged because when you are so young you don’t have time to dedicate to someone who has many years of career. There is a healthy, real, virgin energy and desire to prove that, I can’t say that I have lost it, but that it becomes something different. I take a fascinating awareness but it is no longer that of 20 years. Collaborating with him was certainly a great boost to life”, He concludes.


In the tracklist of Titian’s new album, however, there is also space for paternity, the one achieved thanks to the two children – Margherita and Andrès – adopted with her husband Victor Allen. “I didn’t even dream of you- Titian sang in the new single ‘La prima festa del papa’- because they denied you to someone like me”. Then the single dedications to her daughter in ‘I remain you’ and to her son in ‘Talking from scratch’.

“It is too powerful a spark – he admits – it is too real a fire. If you talk to songs, if you spend a lifetime talking to songs how can you not write one if you know you are about to welcome a life?“. Becoming a father for Tiziano is a real miracle: “I was granted a dream”, “an unexpected opportunity”.

For this the adoption “I would have done it even if I hadn’t changed country”, he reveals. About this topic in Italy “everything must change– says Ferro – we are behind regardless of what political roles may be. No government has ever done anything important, except that small, feeble step towards what have become civil unions. It was a bit of a red herring: we make you happy but then there is no talk of letting you have a family, never be it that you can both have children, that it can be called marriage “.


The children are the reason why the ‘Tour in the stadiums’ were not recovered this year but moved directly into 2023: “At the time I couldn’t tell, I knew they were coming and I wanted to dedicate my first year as a father only to them”.

For the two little ones, “I want to come to Italy and see what their dad does”. On this “I am very firm on the imposition of the Italian head. I only speak Italian to them and I would like to send them to the Italian school. I want them to know that they are part of this piece of the world. I care a lot and I’m happy that Victor supports me heavily on this thing “.


The appointment is, therefore, at the concerts in 2023: “The tour will be a kind of religious experience for me. It will be 6 years since the last tour and without the certainty that it would happen. I’m thinking with a lot of love about the lineup, it will be a lineup of successes. The tour is a moment of meeting in which the songs that have made us friends are sung “.

The first meeting with the fans, however, arrives this Thursday at the Milan Music Week, at the Teatro Manzoni the preview presentation of ‘Il mondo è nostra’.

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VIDEO | Tiziano Ferro: “I felt destined to be a father. In Italy everything has to change about adoptions”