Trip to Italy: the cities of the north to visit

Very often we end up thinking about theItaly only as the homeland of unmissable seaside places – between islands and large Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic coasts – and traditions that life in the south, much more than in the north, is still able to evoke. Forgetting precisely that even the northernmost part of the Belpaese is not only industries and large cities, between tower blocks and mirrored skyscrapers. There are really many more or less large and well-known cities that enrich the Northern Italy with their art and culture and which lend themselves well to a visit. It therefore seemed only right to draw up a brief handbook of the northern Italian cities to visit at least once in life.

Which regions belong to northern Italy

Not only densely populated, due to the presence of many large industries of the Beautiful country, but also a territory of immeasurable beauty that extends with many cities close to the Alps, in the hinterland of the Po Valley or on the northern coasts. The Northern Italymade up of regions Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia definitely worth a visit. Here are the most beautiful cities to see in a day, a weekend and during the best of the winter season.

Cities in northern Italy to see in 1 day

For those who find themselves deciding on a trip as a couple, family or with friends only at the last moment, without therefore having the possibility of staying overnight away from home. For those who don’t want to spend the night away from home, but still want to switch off for a day and thus discover the beauties of the Italian territory and its people. Here is a short list of cities in the Northern Italywhich can be visited in one day, traveling by car or train.

  1. In Piedmont: to visit absolutely its capital Turin. Ancient land of the Savoys, whose rich historical heritage of art and culture still counts today, clearly visible in the points of greatest interest in the city such as the Royal Museums, the Royal Palace, the majestic Royal Palace of Venaria Reale. A walk in the shade of the Mole is a must.
      1. In Lombardy: here the cities to visit in a single day are not wasted, in number, as much as in beauty. From the cosmopolitan Milan, perfect for an immersion in the world of fashion and shopping, but also in its refined and luxurious clubs, full of nightlife and theatricality. Until Mantua, homeland of the Gonzagas, divided between the marvels of Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Te, and the small lakes that surround it, formed by the Mincio. Passing through Pavia and the neighbor They were in force, known for its Palazzo Ducale with incredible arcades and the Bramante Tower. To which are added, inevitably Varese and the wonderful gardens that surround Palazzo Estense, the romantic one How located at the most south-western point of Lake Lario e Bergamodivided between the ancient city of Bergamo Alta – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017 – and the modern Bergamo Bassa.
          1. In Liguria: the beautiful is worth a visit Genoa, between the beauty of the surrounding mountains, the Ligurian sea, but above all its large port, among the most important in Italy. It was one of the four Maritime Republics and, precisely from its history, it still retains some elegant buildings, in a perfect contrast between ancient and modern. Many also visit it for the presence of the renowned Aquarium.
              1. In Veneto: region you go, beautiful cities to visit that you find. In Veneto there is not only its capital Venice, but also Verona – romantic city par excellence, given its being linked to the Shakespearean story of Romeo and Juliet – Vicenzaa UNESCO World Heritage city due to the numerous artistic and architectural marvels it possesses, including the works of art by Andrea Palladio and Paduamostly known for its Scrovegni Basilica.
                  1. in Emilia-Romagna: self Parma and Ferrara definitely worth a visit, the capital is not to be missed for a short trip Bologna. An historic center built on a human scale, between squares and arcades, perfect for unforgettable walks, but above all the breathtaking view that the climb up the famous Torre degli Asinelli offers. However, Bologna is also a university city and for this reason full of youth, with initiatives and places that are always open for parties, until late at night.
                    1. Cities in northern Italy to see in several days

                      The cities of northern Italy to visit in just one day are contrasted with a list of beautiful places for those who want to spend a weekend away from the city, an escape from hard work, but don’t have the time or desire to go too far.

                      1. In Liguria: we cannot talk about a trip to the best cities of northern Italy, without mentioning the characteristic and suggestive Portovenere, in the province of La Spezia. Artistic muse of the poet Eugenio Montale, she is lost today among historical monuments, its colorful houses and the crystal clear sea as well as the nearby Five landsto visit all in a multi-day trip.
                          1. In Friuli Venezia-Giulia: Trieste it is not only a frontier town, but also a place where the historical heritage (between the Military Memorial of Redipuglia, with the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the sad story of the holocaust in the Risiera di San Saba, the Castle of Miramare and its gardens) blends well with the sea, only separated by the majestic Piazza Unità and by the bora that always blows. If you are in the area for several days, a visit to the nearby ones is also a must Postojna Cave (in Slovenia).
                              1. In Veneto: last, but not least, Venice, a city of absolute charm, given its rise on the water, which has contributed to making the entire Italian peninsula known and envied throughout the world. Among the over 150 canals and 400 bridges, Piazza San Marco with its Basilica and Palazzo Ducale, but also the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, as well as the countless souvenir and mask shops and the gondola ride that cannot be certainly missing.
                                1. Cities in northern Italy to see in winter

                                  Between northern Italian cities to visit absolutely in winter, Trent and Bozen. Immersed in the silent cradle of their mountains and thus accustomed to living according to the rhythm dictated by nature, we shed our skin becoming a lively whole when Christmas is approaching. To be seen absolutely also for the beauty of their markets. They can be easily visited in one day for 24 hours of pure well-being in the fresh air in the shade of the Dolomites. Not even the Lombard one should be excluded Livigno in the province of Sondrio, for a day of walks and sports in the nature of Alta Valtellina, but above all for a trip to the food and wine delicacies of the region. From pizzoccheri, to bitto, “sciatt” and polenta taragna, up to the inevitable taste of bresaola.

                  Trip to Italy: the cities of the north to visit