[Tribune] Poland and Italy want to put the European bureaucracy in its place: a necessity!

In a recent interview with La Stampa, the Prime Minister Pole, Mateusz Morawiecki affirmed that Italy and Poland had “ fed up with the dictates of the European bureaucracy” and wanted a true European democracy “. He has added Meloni and I will change Europe: power to strong countries alone is enough. (…) We do not believe in a superstate of 27, but in the return of the Union of Fatherlands”. There is no doubt that this declaration will have been welcomed with favor by other Member States. Let us remember that the United Kingdom, inventor of parliamentary democracy, tired of battling against the European oligarchy, preferred to leave the ship.

the Prime Minister Polish reflects an increasingly strong feeling within the European Union. Indeed, the latter only has powers of attribution, that is to say that it has no powers other than those which the Member States have agreed to delegate to it. However, more and more, the European Commission, supported by the Court of Justice of the European Union, gives an extensive reading of the powers conferred by the treaties. It practices in an assumed way a form of institutional hypocrisy baptized “constructive ambiguity” which consists in not admitting the real purpose of the provisions of the treaties and the derived texts. Objective: to constantly increase the skills of a European proto-state, but by concealing it from national public opinion. Too often with the complicity of national political-administrative oligarchies. This corresponds to the objectives set out in the Maastricht Treaty: “achieve an ever closer Union” (art 1).

Thus the Commission is waging a deaf institutional war against national sovereignties and has assumed, in the name of respect for the “rule of law”, to control the political decisions of democratically elected governments. Thus it engaged in indecent financial blackmail to force certain Member States to reconsider decisions approved by national parliaments! Is it really the role of the European Union to meddle in theretirement age of Polish judges or standards of operation of the Supreme Court and the Hungarian Constitutional Court? This incredible interference, supported by the left of the European Parliament, has the only real reason to prohibit political choices that do not conform to the globalized liberal-libertarian ideology, even if they proceed from a perfectly democratic process. Thus democracy is no longer defined as the expression of the will of the people, but as the adequacy with the ideology of the uprooted oligarchy which directs this empire of the norm which the EU has become.

Polish criticism was also aimed at the weight of Germany and France in the EU, even if calling France a “strong country” is excessive for a deeply divided country. A country that has distinguished itself above all by its followership in European politics and whose most flagrant manifestation was Sarkozy’s forfeiture when he had a treaty rejected by referendum adopted by parliament! Followerism with regard to the Brussels bureaucracy, followership with regard to Germany in the name of a Franco-German “couple” that has become illusory for years.

The combined reaction of Poland and Italy is salutary and it would be desirable for it to be followed by many Member States. It is high time to put the European bureaucracy in its place because it is a question of saving democracy in Europe. The imperial drift of the European oligarchy exasperates more and more the peoples whose democratic choices are called into question. L’inflation European regulations overwhelm economic agents. The extensive interpretation of treaties empties national democracy of reality and warlike ranting ofUrsula von der Leyen border on the ridiculous when the European Union has never been so subjugated to the United States, which itself is drawing the chestnuts from the fire of the war in Ukraine.

Never has the gap been so wide between the European Union and public opinion, while the European oligarchy, in a state of somnambulism, stubbornly pursues policies increasingly cut off from reality in the name of an ideological nonsense which mixes libertarian ideology, climate obsession, globalism and the desire to create a prototype imperial state. In 2024, the European elections must be an opportunity to put a stop to this crazy drift. For the safety of France and Europe, let’s not miss this opportunity.

[Tribune] Poland and Italy want to put the European bureaucracy in its place: a necessity!