Three countries that pay you to move to the town: you can receive up to 4,800 euros

The start of the coronavirus pandemic was the incident that marked a trend that continues to reverberate to this day: the movements of the young (and perhaps not so young) who decide withdraw from the big cities and capitals to address the townseither because the family they left behind resides to seek new and exciting opportunities in the cities or because they are attracted to the idea of ​​exploring an unusual and original lifestyle, away from the noise and stress that the capitals represent and other similar sites.

In this sense, various governments and institutions in Europe They have decided that the conditions are perfect to try to revitalize some of the populations that they considered lost. due to the aging of its residents, the low birth rate and the apparent lack of job opportunities. Thus, in recent years, numerous offers have emerged from different bodies that invite interested people to live for a season (with a minimum that is usually around one year) in towns where they can work and enjoy in a different way, as well how to boost local economies that tend to suffer more in situations of brain drain.


In Italy, a wave of migrant workers It has entered towns where the sustained trend over the years seemed to be the continuous loss of young people and professionals. With this phenomenon, which has been observed especially in Sicilywhere some localities They offer homes for just one euro and this has allowed the new neighbors to occupy the houses that others left empty.

In other areas like the Calabria regionin southern Italy, has launched a novel program to attract young residents: it will give them 28,000 euros in three years if they settle there and work in the area.


In the country that acts as our neighbor, the authorities have offered up to 4,800 euros to workers, whether from countries of the European Union or others, who come to live and develop in the most uninhabited places. The Portuguese country chose to launch the financial aid project known as ‘Emprego Interior MAIS‘ (I work inside).

They are usually sums that by themselves can cover the annual rent of the houses during the minimum period of time that they must occupy them: one year. Through this proposal, foreign citizens could move to selected towns across the country and work remotely.


The Irish towns have also suffered these processes of migratory movements towards the city, which is why they promote initiatives such as converting disused cinemas and town halls into new work spaces with high-speed internet access. a perfect idea for those who telework 100%.

The government has launched a plan to attract workers to rural villages from the country. Via ‘Our Rural Future‘ (Our Rural Future), the state will provide grants and tax breaks to those who move.


The state of New south Walesone of six in the Australian Territory, seeks attract new businesses to towns with the option of pay up to 6,400 euros for all costs of your relocation.

The people that move to a city they will get 3,000 dollars, while those who opt for rural areas will be able to access aid of more than $6,000. In addition, they may offer up to $3,000 extra to those who move with a dependent person.

Three countries that pay you to move to the town: you can receive up to 4,800 euros