Three accused of attempted murder in Ibiza, involved in a drug network in Italy

On Saturday June 5, 2021 an event shocked Ibiza. A man of Italian nationality had been seriously injured by a firearm during a shooting at a private party in a rental villa, located in the Can Ramon neighborhood, next to the Polígono de ca Na Palava, in Santa Eulària.

The wounded man, a 28-year-old Italian from Naples, had received six shots from a firearm. and entered the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic unconscious, in cardiac arrest and with bullet wounds to the head and extremities. Despite the severity of the injuries, the man survived.

Another 35-year-old man was also slightly injured and was released the same morning.

Three Italian men accused of attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms in relation to this shooting in Ibiza are now involved in a macro operation against drug trafficking in Italy with 18 investigated.

It was carried out by the Mobile Squad of the Padua Police Headquarters, with the support of teams from the Veneto Crime Prevention Department and by the Mobile Squads of Udine, Rimini, Trieste, Gorizia, Milan and the police stations of Jesolo (Venice) and Tolmezzo (Udine). This is how the Italian media Telenuovo Padova advances

In total, they have carried out precautionary measures for 18 investigated in this macro operation. Three are prison measures, two are house arrest, and 13 are prohibited from leaving the country for various reasons of illicit trafficking in cocaine, hashish, and marijuana.

The suspects reside in Udine, Rimini, Venice, Trieste, Gorizia and Milan.

Of the 18 recipients of the measures, five could not be located as they reside abroad.

During the raids, different amounts of marijuana and cocaine were seized with an approximate value of about 7 million euros in the market.

The group, made up of Italian, Romanian and Albanian citizens, has links to local and international drug trafficking, with an established clientele in northeastern Italy.

The facts

According to attendees at the party where the shooting took place, there were more than 200 people who had paid a ticket when, at 2 in the morning, a fight broke out, between AA, the 28 year old who received bullet wounds, and MG, which triggered a pitched battle between the attendees. In a moment of great uproar and beatings, several shots rang out, most of which hit AA and another Italian who was lightly wounded.

After the shots there was a large stampede towards the vehicles to escape the place. Only a few people stayed with AA and the other wounded to care for them and notify the emergency services.

None of the six bullets that the young AA received went through his head or fatally impacted any vital organ, which explained his speedy recovery. One of the hypotheses being considered is that the shots went straight to his leg and some of them bounced off the ground and hit him in other areas.

M.G was arrested for these events but, according to the Italian media, there would be a total of three people involved in the shooting.

Three accused of attempted murder in Ibiza, involved in a drug network in Italy