Thibaud Flament, possible holder against Italy: “We must seize the opportunities”

“The performance manager, Thibault Giroud, said before the session, this Saturday, that it was the most intense training session of the Tournament. Was it that hard?
Yes, it stung. It feels good. We had had a good week of training but the high intensity was missing. It went well. We are ending a good week and we are ready for the next one.

How is your association with Paul Willemse going?
Very well. We had been associated against Argentina (29-20, November 6, 2021) and we had already trained a little together. And even when Cameron (Woki) is there, we also turn like that. I usually train with Paul.

“I’m not a very experienced player yet, but I’ve been through a few things”

In recent weeks, coach Fabien Galthié has identified an axis of progress: half-time returns. Is this a point on which you particularly insist?
Yes, we are working on it. We know that this is currently one of our weak points. We adapt our sessions a little with scenarios and half-time feedback. We do a real half-time and we go back to training. We are really getting ready to settle these returns, which cause us problems from time to time.

As an individual, do you feel that your status has changed within the team since the November tour?
I played eleven matches and I have a little more experience. I’m not a very experienced player yet but I experienced a few things. By participating in rallies and touring. But my approach has not changed, whether I am a starter or a substitute.

Is the absence of certain players, starting with that of Cameron Woki, also an opportunity to be seized?
Yes, we say to ourselves that it is an opportunity. It can always go very quickly in both directions with opportunities or descents. You have to seize the opportunities. It’s an interesting challenge.

After a month of absence, you returned to competition last week, with thirty minutes of play in Toulouse’s victory against Munster (20-16). How do you feel ?
I was eager to resume after the small physical glitch I had (at the hamstrings). It felt good to resume with Toulouse last week. So far I’m happy with how things are going here (in Capbreton). It also feels good to train at high intensity, to be able to really be in the performance. I want to continue and see what will happen next. It’s always a bad thing to get hurt and you have to deal with it.

Bernard Laporte resigned as president of the FFR on Friday. Does it disturb you as a player and how did you experience it?
No, it doesn’t affect us too much. We really focus on the rhythm and the training. We don’t have much time to look into other things anyway. We are very focus on rugby. Bernard is, I think, a character that we all appreciate within the group. We are waiting to see what happens. »

Thibaud Flament, possible holder against Italy: “We must seize the opportunities”