They achieve the repatriation of a Honduran who suffered a stroke in Italy after a call from El Heraldo

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The dream of Honduran Bertilda Valladares, 76, came true: she will be able to take care of her son Denis Aaron Cruz Valladareswho arrived on catracho soil this Saturday after more than a year sick and far from his family after suffering an embolism or cerebral stroke.

On March 30 of this year THE HERALD released the tragic story of Cruz Valladares, who left the country 16 years ago hoping to find better opportunities in Italywhere he worked to help his family, resident in the El Pedregal neighborhood of Tegucigalpa.

And it is that on any given day, the 39-year-old Honduran suffered a stroke (cerebral infarction) that left him with paralysis in his extremities, making him totally dependent on the care of third parties and the cost of treatments, making it impossible for him to recover quickly.

Since then his mother also fell ill, as the elderly woman feared that Denis would suffer the same fate as one of his brothers, who died in that same European country after complications from diabetes.

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“She is in a very delicate state, she cries every day, she suffers a silent and desperate depression… she asks about her son, she is willing to take care of him, but she doesn’t work. They have no source of income,” lamented Carmen Ortiz, a cousin of Denis Aarón, about the state of the elderly woman.

“My mom couldn’t see my other brother and bringing her another son in a drawer is not easy… so she is desperate to bring him back and take care of him. She doesn’t get any retirement or anything, but here we’ll see how we manage. The important thing is to be together, ”she told EL HERALDO Marvin Dubal Cruz Valladares, a third son of the lady.

Anxious wait for the repatriation of Denis Cruz Valladares

Fortunately, after the call from the family through this newspaper, the same day the news was published, the vice chancellor, Antonio García, contacted our newsroom to request the number of the relatives and thus expedite their soon return to the country, however, the delicate state of health of the catracho complicated the plans.

It was not until this Saturday, November 19, that the Foreign Ministry authorities managed to repatriate the compatriot, after receiving the proper medical authorization.

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In images shared on social networks, the young man is very happy to be able to return, lying on a stretcher after getting out of an ambulance and later being displaced in a wheelchair.

Vice Chancellor “Tony” García and other employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs traveled in the procession to manage his return.

The compatriot left Italy on Friday on a business trip with connections in Rome to Madrid and then to Panama. Once in the Central American country, a Honduran Air Force plane took him to the Hernán Acosta Mejía Base in the early hours of Saturday morning.

They achieve the repatriation of a Honduran who suffered a stroke in Italy after a call from El Heraldo