The young artists Geordi and Rebecca de Fermo will represent Italy in Mexico

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– DISCONTINUED – Giordi Friscolanti and Rebecca Antognozzi, two artists in their twenties but already with a good resume, were invited to exhibit at the International Collective Exhibition “La Bella Italia” in Monterrey (Mexico) in February. They were joined by already established Fermo artists Lorena Masucci and Barbara Donici. They also created the GR brand for hoodies and t-shirts.

From “Fermo Activo” via Rome to Mexico, via Marcuta and Florida: Two very young painters (he is the son of an artist) admire each other and may succeed. In Lusignano they were eighth out of a hundred participants.
Invited to exhibit not only locally but also at exhibitions of international importance. In October their works were in Florida, and in February they will exhibit in Mexico.
Meanwhile, since yesterday I am in Rome, at Palazzo Colonna, for a joint exhibition called “Belle Epoque”, inaugurated this afternoon (poster below) with Geordi’s mother and an artist, Lorena Masucci.

It is said that “unity is strength” and in this case four hands do a job.
Geordi Friscolandi and Rebecca Antognozzi They wanted to combine not only their passion for art, but also canvases and colors, combining their ideas and brushes on one canvas to create works of art.

Geordi inherited his interest in art from his mother, Lorena Masucci, a painter, who later contributed to his and Rebecca’s education, along with his teacher, Professor Lucia Postacchini, at the Preciotti Art Institute in Fermo..
In 2008, at the age of 8, Geordi participated in the VI Marcutiana dei Painters, “La Palme d’Or” art contest in Marina Palmas and won a medal.
For now, the painting is of great interest, both for the students of the University of Urbino and for the Faculties of Letters: Pharmacy and Chemistry.

Geordie and Rebecca started a new artistic journey together two years ago. Creating pictorial and non-pictorial works, transcending their concepts, canvases and colors to create a work created by four hands, presenting and presenting their works in August 2021 “Past and future”Acrylic on canvas, 80×100, in a previous three-day exhibition at the “Perugia Art Festival”.
With the same work they will participate in “Fermo Ativo” in August 2021.

His tour continues on September 5, 2021 in Appignano (MC) with Villa Forano and Opera “Colours of wine”Acrylic on canvas, 50×60, Victoria 3rd place.
On October 16 and 17, 2021, the second premiere of Lusignano (AR) arrives with the play “The charm of the village of Lusignano”. “Love in Lusignano” Acrylic on canvas 70×90 won an award8th place out of one hundred participants.

In March of this year they participated in the art group “Don’t trample my dreams” organized by the artist with the work “Don’t stop dreaming.” Isabella Serralio “Chocolate Dessert” in the Castellani Room in Porto San Giorgio and in the meeting room of the municipality of Monte Urano, then in the painting competition in Borgo San Dalmaso (CN). “Love in Lusignano”.

In April they participate in extraordinary painting and then create the work in Cantaloupe di Bevacna (BG). “Song of the Wolf”.

From July to October they exhibited both works “Colours of wine” and “Song of the wolf” “Montesilvano National Art Exhibition 2022” at Fabrizio Serafini’s Meeting Art Gallery in Montesilvano (PE) and, still in the same city of Abruzzo, they painted this work “under the umbrella”; Staying in Abruzzo, in August they participated in the extemporaneous night show “Extemporaneous 2022” in Teramo.maternity‘”.

Then he begins another path creating simultaneously, with his creations, a Fashion and art brand clothing with your GR logo (sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. etc.) Not only for young people, but also things with his paintings that you can always find in Fermo’s laboratory in Corso Cephalonia “Paths of Colors”.

In September, he did not miss the emergency painting “From Sibillini to the sea in the footsteps of San Francesco” in the Forano Convent in Appignano di Maserata.ceramic-art”, victory 3rd place in youth category.

After much effort, Geordi and Rebecca capture Rome. There, in September, the work “Maternidad” was exhibited in a group show by the artistic director Tomás San Sebastiano. Miguel Crocito In the presence of the writer. Rosario Sproveri and art critic and historian Francesco Gallo Massio. In the capital, in October, they exhibited some of his works in a small private exhibition at Destacio-Porta Futuro, under the artistic direction, thanks to artistic director Michael Crocito. Donatella Galli and Maurizio Poseschi Gallerists, critic Rosario Sproveri.

After the victory in Rome, Geordi and Rebecca fly abroad In Florida: Starting October 2022 Accompanying the Italian delegation was a work entitled “The Colors of Wine”. Fitsey in Broward County, organized by Dr. Romina Nicoletti and Artistic Director Michael Crocito. (Photo below).

In February 2023, together with Fermo artists Barbara Donici and Lorena Masucci, invited by Francesco González, Fermo and Italia will be represented at the joint international exhibition “La Bella Italia” in Monterrey (Mexico). Works titled “La dolce vita” with two of them (Photo below) and “Tourists in Rome”, inspired by the Fellini film of the same name.
How do you say in these cases? In Mayor!

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The young artists Geordi and Rebecca de Fermo will represent Italy in Mexico