The redevelopment of school buildings passes through Didacta Italia: the agreement between Firenze Fiera and Pentastudio has been signed

Looking forward to the next edition of DIDACTA ITALYwhich will take place at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence from 8 to 10 March 2023an agreement was signed between Florence Fair And Pentastudioowner of the Smart Building Italy brand, to develop together the theme of building automation of Italian school buildings.

Within Didacta 2023, in the school architecture area, a new thematic area called “Smart“, in which the entire decision-making chain that will have the task of bringing this extraordinary innovation process of the Italian school to the ground will be able to meet with the protagonists of technological innovation in the field of “smart buildings”, experiencing first-hand how much the market offers more advanced and which will be able to find a place in the new school buildings, projecting them, finally, into the future.

“Smart” will also be an opportunity to meet and discuss with experts in the field of new buildings and new technologies, to create a shared culture between decision makers in the world of education, at all levels, and technicians in order to produce projects able to make the most of the huge resources available.

The moment is in fact propitious: there are countless tools made available directly and indirectly by the PNRR for the benefit of the school system in the world of training, a mass of funding never seen before, with projects for the construction from scratch of 216 new school buildings to replace obsolete and non-recoverable realities (for a total of 1.19 billion euros of investment), but also with many redevelopment and re-functionalization interventions which, between resources from the PNRR and other European funding, will make over 4.9 billion euros available to schools in Italy to invest and spend in a few years time frame.

The interventions will certainly concern the introduction of innovative tools for didactic mediation and training, but will also affect the energy efficiency of buildings (or the construction from scratch of zero-emission buildings), their basic technological equipment, starting from broadband connectivity, to then involve air conditioning and air recirculation systems, but also lighting technology, security and building control and management platforms, up to the

possibility of producing the energy necessary for their operation, sharing it in an energy community logic.

“After the success of the first Sicilian edition of Didacta Italia – he says Lorenzo Becattini, president of Firenze Fiera – we are preparing for the 2023 national edition aware of the importance and ever greater ‘attractive force’ that our fair is able to exert on all stakeholders in the world of education, training and research. The collaboration started with Pentastudio represents a new plus of the exhibition offer of the fair on a fundamental theme such as that of the redevelopment of school buildings”.

“We are very proud of the agreement signed with Fiera Firenze for Didacta – he added Luca Baldin, director of Pentastudio – because the task of Smart Building Italia has always been to promote technological innovation in the home, building and city sectors and schools are a non-secondary part of the national building heritage and a place where directly, but also indirectly, they educate the new generation to a correct approach to technologies, also in the context of the green economy. The challenge posed by the available funding is epochal, and our industrial sector certainly could not miss the appeal”.

The redevelopment of school buildings passes through Didacta Italia: the agreement between Firenze Fiera and Pentastudio has been signed – Orizzonte Scuola News