The reactions of the world to the death of Ratzinger, Mattarella: “A mourning for Italy”

Messages of condolences from all over the world for the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI are multiplying. He was 95 years old.

Sergio Mattarella. “The death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is a mourning for Italy. His gentleness and wisdom have benefited our community and the entire international community. With dedication he continued to serve the cause of his Church in the unprecedented role of Pope emeritus with humility and serenity. His figure remains unforgettable for the Italian people. An intellectual and theologian, he interpreted with subtlety the reasons for dialogue, peace, the dignity of the person, as the supreme interests of religions. With gratitude we look to his testimony and to his example”. The President of the Republic says so

Giorgia Meloni. “Benedict XVI was a giant of faith and reason. A man in love with the Lord who put his life at the service of the universal Church and spoke, and will continue to speak, to the hearts and minds of men with spiritual depth, cultural and intellectual aspect of his Magisterium. A Christian, a pastor, a theologian: a great figure in history that history will never forget”. The Prime Minister declares it. “I expressed to the Holy Father Francis – he adds – the government’s participation and my personal participation in his pain and that of the entire ecclesial community”.

Olaf Scholz, the world loses “an exceptional figure” of the Catholic Church. So the German chancellor

Emmanuel Macron“My thoughts are with the Catholics of France and the world, mourning the departure of His Holiness Benedict XVI, who worked with soul and intelligence for a more fraternal world,” tweeted the French head of state

Rishi Sunakthe British premier said today he was “saddened” by the death of the “great theologian” Benedict XVI.

Ursula von der Leyen. “The passing of Pope Benedict saddens me. My solidarity goes to all Catholics. With his resignation he had given a strong signal. He was seen first as a servant of God and of his Church. Once his physical strength is diminished, she continued to serve through the power of her prayers.” The president of the European Commission wrote it on Twitter.

Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill paid tribute to the memory of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who died today, celebrating an “eminent theologian” and defender of “traditional values”, a concept dear to President Vladimir Putin. “Benedict XVI’s indisputable authority as an eminent theologian has enabled him to make a significant contribution to the development of inter-Christian cooperation, to the witness of Christ in a secularized world and to the defense of traditional moral values”, writes the Patriarch in a statement.

Giorgio Napolitano. Memories and ties of esteem and respectful friendship bound me to His Holiness Benedict XVI, developed in particular in the years he spent as President of the Italian Republic. Although coming from distant and different intellectual and human experiences – wrote the former President of the Republic – I was then able to develop a sharing of anxieties and intentions with the Pontiff and a habit of reflection on the future of Italy and Europe. It was for me an experience of significant spiritual, cultural and human intensity, marked by the positive interaction of different worlds and also helped by the common love for music.

Father Federico Lombardithe legacy he leaves us is that characteristic of a theologian called to the see of Peter, who confirmed his brothers in the faith with teaching, sacramental service and witness of life”. Thus concludes a long editorial of the magazine of the Jesuits, Civiltà Cattolica

Robert Sarah“God creator of Heaven and Earth, we ask you to welcome into your eternity our dear Pope Benedict. His soul rests in peace. “I’ve fought the good fight, I’ve finished the race, I’ve kept the faith.” It’s this the tweet that the African cardinal, one of Benedict XVI’s closest collaborators

Ignatius LaRussa“Your Holiness, the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI fills everyone with great sadness: a spiritual guide of remarkable charisma and an example of profound faith, a firm and at the same time meek pastor, a fine scholar and author of numerous essays, he represented a point of reference well beyond the duration of his pontificate, said the president of the Senate

Lorenzo Fontana, “I express my deep condolences for the passing of Benedict XVI. A great man, theologian and Pope. I join, in this sad moment, the prayers of the entire Catholic community”. Thus the president of the Chamber of Deputies

Matthew Salvini. “Dear Pope Benedict XVI, We thank you for your Illuminated Pontificate, for the Hope you have given, for the strength of your words, for the Courage with which you have defended life and roots. We pray for You, in the certainty that you will accompany us on our journey “. So in a post on Instagram the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure

Guido Crosetto. “I express my deepest sorrow for the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. An enlightened and refined theologian, a man of great and vast culture, a just and meek pontiff, he wrote fundamental pages for the history of the Church”. Thus the Minister of Defense in a note. “His testimony, his thoughts, his teachings will continue to be a reference for all of us, in the sign of Truth and Peace. My personal prayer to him”, he concluded

Eugenia Rockella, was among the first to see in the manipulation of the human the most insidious danger for social rights themselves. And at the crossroads of history he bet on the awakening of a West threatened from without and even more from within, by a nihilistic drift.

Alessandra Locatelli, “each of us is the fruit of a thought of God. Each of us is wanted, each is loved, each is necessary”. The Minister for Disabilities writes it in a post on Facebook

Anna Maria Bernini, his thought will continue to light the way for all those who have found a beacon in Pope Benedict XVI. With great emotion and sincere regret we lose one of the most authoritative spiritual and intellectual guides in the history of the contemporary Church”.

Joseph Vallettara, “great pain for the loss of an important spiritual guide: Benedict XVI, a courageous Pope and refined theologian”. This is what the Minister of Education and Merit writes on Twitter

Attilio Fontana, “Lombardy joins in condolences and prayers for the death of Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI. Rest in peace”. So the Lombard governor

John Toti, “Goodbye to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the one who refounded reason in the journey of faith. Liguria remembers his trip in May 2008 between Savona and Genoa and for the whole world he will remain an example of wisdom and devotion to the Church. A great theologian, a pope we will never forget”. Thus the president of the Liguria Region

Eugenio Giani, “in addition to his great theological studies, Joseph Ratzinger will go down in history as the first Pope who after six centuries had the courage to resign during his mandate, we will remember him for this”. Thus the president of the Tuscany Region

Luca Zaia, “He is a Pope who will always remain in our thoughts. A Pontiff who has had an important commitment, taking on the legacy and affection of the people of Pope John Paul II, who was an icon, in a pontificate that lasted over 26 years”. Thus the president of the Veneto Region

Stefano Bonaccini. “‘Make sure that unifying love is your measure; lasting love is your challenge; self-giving love is your mission’. Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, has passed away. Important invitations have always come from him to reflection and thought, even for those who did not believe”. Thus the president of Emilia-Romagna recalls Ratzinger. “These words of him are, today more than ever, deeply needed”

Robert Gualtieri, “Enormous condolences for the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, a great theologian who with his magisterium was able to accompany the Church in the contemporary world. The city of Rome clings to the pain of the faithful from all over the world”. The mayor of Rome writes it on Twitter

The condolences of Italian Buddhists: “Unione Buddhista Italiana joins the pain of the Italian and universal Catholic Church for the departure of Pope Benedict XVI. We remember him as a man of profound theological thought and research, attentive to interreligious dialogue. His stature as a fine scholar was accompanied by his meekness His renunciation of the papal throne was a gesture that struck the whole world and the community of believers in any faith”.

European bishops. The Council of European Bishops’ Conferences joins the prayers of the whole world in suffrage for the soul of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who died today at the age of 95. The President of the CCEE, Msgr. Gintaras Grusas, recalls in particular the “European magisterium that Benedict XVI developed during his pontificate, emphasizing the importance of Europe’s Christian roots and highlighting a necessary return to Christ and to evangelization for the construction of a of love”.

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