The ‘Pugliettone 2022’ is among the best panettone in Italy: Eustachio Sapone’s recipe with the excellence of the whole region

Puglia is talked about on, the gastronomic magazine which lists among the best panettone in Italy, the Pugliettone signed by Eustachian Soap, craftsman of taste since the age of 14. An idea born at Christmas 2020 and carried forward after a skilful work by those who had the intuition of mixing ingredients taken from various parts of the region to make an original product.

The new “Pugliettone 2022” was born from discussions with customers and from the need to follow up on the geography of taste, in search of ingredients to make the product more specific. A panettone with all of Puglia inside: from Gargano lemons to Taranto orange peels, from Salento figs to Toritto almonds. And the very special package is a ceramic from Grottaglie made by the artist Marcello Fasano. The most traditional local craftsmanship in a product that conquers the food lovers of Italy.

The Pugliettone 2022 in the ceramic plate of Grottaglie (Facebook photo)

Eustachio Sapone’s artisanal panettone was also awarded in 2017 as “Best Artisanal Panettone in Italy” in the “Mastro Panettone” competition and in 2022 it received the “Puglia Food Award” for the dessert category and in the same year the Guide of Gambero Rosso has included them among the eight best pastry shops in Bari and its province in the Pastry Chefs & Pastry Shops 2022 guide.

But to enhance tastes and flavors you also need a network of tasters who best enhance something unique. And this is where the tasters of the national gastronomic guide and its community come into play. A community made up of different categories.

The first: those who would only eat the Maestro’s panettone par excellence, whose signature has already conquered the collective imagination of the world of food. The second: those of the “fashion victims” who want the packaging first of all to be beautiful, then functional. The third: those of the artisan panettone, that the leavened products must be of undoubted value. The fourth: that of the avant-garde, those who go in search of novelties, local products. We owe this last category the success of niche products, quality, relief of superfine palates, but not yet on everyone’s lips.

Just like Pugliettone, the panettone with all of Puglia inside, from Dolceria Sapone in Acquaviva delle Fonti. It was the community of avant-garde food enthusiasts, the Italian food hunters, who reported it to the editorial staff of Thanks to these “rumors” about the unmissable goodness of Pugliettone, Eustachio Sapone’s baked product rightfully conquers the Apulian position on the 2022 Artisan Panettone Map.

Cooked on terracotta plates, after being placed on vine leaves of Primitivo grapes from the Chiaromonte estates, Pugliettone represents the emblem of ancient methods of Apulian cuisine, which is paired with another precise choice. After leavening for 36 hours, cooking for 12 and cooling in an upside down position, the Pugliettone is packaged in a ceramic casket, which in turn recalls Puglia in its shape and decorations.

The ‘Pugliettone 2022’ is among the best panettone in Italy: Eustachio Sapone’s recipe with the excellence of the whole region