The NGO Equalia reveals the “tip of the iceberg” of animal abuse in Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria, with two million animals affected

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Once again, the non-governmental organization equalia reveals a case of animal abuse in a chicken macro-farm linked to companies supplying supermarkets lidl.

The case of mistreatment joins those already denounced by this organization in poultry farms in Italy, Germany and Spain, with the common denominator that all of them are related to Lidl.

A campaign that intends for the supermarket chain to join the European Chicken Commitment

The public complaint is part of the organization’s campaign to lidl adhere to European Chicken Commitmenta set of practices designed to guarantee the well-being of breeding chickens and whose adherence by macro-farms and meat marketing companies is voluntary.

Systematic mistreatment, a common practice in the chicken farms investigated

In Spain, in the two farms linked to Lidl, despicable practices were carried out, such as unloading the chicks by throwing them abruptly to the ground or keeping containers full of the corpses of these animals, in an advanced state of decomposition.

In the denounced German farm, an employee is observed urinating inside the farm and the coexistence of live chickens with the corpses of these animals, something that favors the cannibalism of the former.

The same can be said of the Italian macro-farm related to Lidl, in which habitual abusive behaviors are part of the operational routine of the operating company.

The last case occurred, in August of this year, on a farm located near Styria, in Austria.

In the images released by the animal organization VGT, it can be seen how a vehicle crushes several chickens, which slowly die as they flap their wings.

In addition, a container full of dead animals is displayed. are visible hundreds of larvae, a clear indicator that the animals have been there for days or weeks.

Beyond the obvious contempt for animal welfare, the practices and behaviors denounced carry serious health risks for consumers of the meat of these chickens.

Something that, according to the facts, does not seem to matter much to those responsible for Lidl, since this company has not yet seen fit to adhere to the European Chicken Commitment.

In the case of Lidl, it rains it pours

This is what one of the heads of the organization says equaliaJulia Elizalde, who affirms that in those macro-farms of chickens in Austria, Spain, Germany and Italy, all of them suppliers of Lidl, the common trend is the systematic mistreatment of animals.

Proof of this is that, after the public exposure of the cases of animal abuse in two large farms in Seville and Tarragona, both have lost their Welfair animal welfare certifications.

Consequently, Elizalde asks the German supermarket chain to take into account the demands of the nearly 300,000 people who have already joined the “Lidl, animal scandal” campaign and join the European Chicken CommitmentThis is vital if these intolerable practices are to be banished once and for all from all European poultry farms.

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The NGO Equalia reveals the “tip of the iceberg” of animal abuse in Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria, with two million animals affected