The new map of the most dangerous roads in Italy

That of road accidents continues to be one of the most serious plagues in Italy. But according to a 2021 study by theAcisthe Automobile Club of Italy, the claims indicators report a decrease compared to 2019, the last reference year before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The tragic event limited travel throughout the country, effectively altering the analysis on 2020.

Data on accidents in Italy

From what emerges from the report Acistitled “Locating road accidents 2021”, le highways those with the highest number of recorded accidents are confirmed, due to the high traffic flows and the plurality of vehicles in transit.

Considering last year, among the vehicles involved 71.5% are represented by cars (against 73.8% in 2019), 22.9% from industrial means such as trucks, road trains and articulated lorries (20.4% in 2019) and 5.3% from motorcycles (stable value compared to 2019).

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Overall compared to the pre pandemic year they are though both accidents and deaths decreased (5,119 fewer accidents and 179 fewer victims). On motorways, claims fell by 15.9%, on extra-urban roads by 10.1% and in built-up areas by 19.5%.

Overall during 2021, throughout Italy, they occurred 31,407 accidents, of which 1,002 were fatal. The wounded were 47,740. The mortality rate would be approx 3.5 deaths for every 100 accidents.

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The most critical periods and the most vulnerable users

In 2021, summer travel and weekend departures were decisive: the months of June, July and August were the ones with the higher accident rate. The Friday it was the day in which the most accidents occurred (15.2%), while the most critical hours were those included between 18 and 20.

The subjects most vulnerable to accidents were i cyclistsi bikers hey pedestrians. The mortality rate of two-wheelers turned out to be much higher than that of four-wheelers: 4.1 deaths for every 100 motor vehicles involved in an accident and 2.5 for bicycles, compared to 1.2 of cars.

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What are the most dangerous roads in Italy

According to the study carried out by theAcis the most dangerous road in Italy is confirmed Grande Raccordo Anulare From Rome. And again in the capital, on the highways front, it also proved to be particularly insidious A24while as far as the province is concerned, they are included in the list la SS 601 Ostia-Anzio and the SS 006 Casilina.

According to the accident surveys in the year 2021, among the most dangerous roads in the country there are also the SS 02 Cassiathe SS 018 Tirrenia-Inferiorethe SS 0016 Adriatica in the territories of Bari and Rimini, the SS 001 Aurelia in the province of Savona and the SS 07 in the municipality of Terracina.

Among the most insidious sections in which a large number of investments have been recorded, they stand out different consulates of Rome and the SS 005 Tiburtina in the municipality of Tivoli.

The new map of the most dangerous roads in Italy