The new Executive of the Italy of Georgia Meloni

It’s official: Italy has for the first time a woman at the head of the country. The far-right Giorgia Meloni has sworn this Saturday October 22 her position as Prime Minister of Italy and has presented official way his new government, made up of 24 ministries and two vice-presidencies, one of which has been reserved for Matteo Salvini.

After days of speculation, it is already known how the distribution of ministries between the three forces that make up the far-right coalition has turned out. Meloni’s party, the main government force, holds nine ministerial portfolios, while Salvini’s Lega and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia will each hold five. The prime minister has also had six technocrats, five of whom will be ministers and another, Undersecretary of the Presidency.

Of the 24 ministries that the new Government of Giorgia Meloni has, only six will be led by women, that is, a quarter of the total. Other data to highlight about the newly released Executive is the average age, as reported by the newspaper Corriere della Sera. Although Meloni, 45, is the third in the ranking of Italy’s youngest prime ministers, the average age of its ministers is high: 12 of them are over 60, 10 are 50 and only three are 40 (Meloni herself and Salvini among them).

The Italian newspaper also highlights the differences in the number of ministers according to their geographical origins: while 15 are from the north, only six are from the south (including the minister of the Sea and the South). As we already explained in newtral.esthere is a strong north-south divide in the country.

The nine ministries of Giorgia Meloni in her new Government

With 26.2% of the votes, Fratelli d’Italia won the italian elections September and Meloni established herself as the leader of the Italian conservative sector. As the winner of the elections, she has not only managed to be the first woman to lead the country, but also to get the maximum number of portfolios for her party.

From Fratelli d’Italia manage from now on some of the most relevant ministries, such as Justice (led by Carlo Nordio), Defense (directed by Guido Crosetto, co-founder of the party) or European Affairs (Raffaele Fitto).

The portfolio formerly known as the Ministry of Economic Development is renamed Companies and Made in Italy, under the tutelage of Adolfo Urso. how to collect La Repubblicacould be interpreted as a paradox: “Italianism is a concept that here finds its expression in the English language”.

Another ministry that changes its name is the Ministry of Equality and Family, which becomes the Ministry of Family, Birth and Equality, led by Eugenia Roccella, one of the two women chosen by Meloni. The other is Daniela Santanché, at the head of the Ministry of Tourism.

Fratelli d’Italia will also manage other ministries such as Agriculture and Food Sovereignty (Francesco Lollobrigida), Relations with Parliament (Luca Ciriani) and the Sea and the South (Sebastiano Musumeci).

Five for Salvini, five for Berlusconi

With 8.8% and 8% of the vote respectively, Salvini’s Lega and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia have won five ministries each.

different members of the Lega From now on they lead portfolios such as Economy and Finance, under the management of Giancarlo Giorgetti, or Education, with Giuseppe Valditara. Roberto Calderoli will be the one who from now on organizes the Ministry of Regional Affairs while the only woman elected by this formation, Alessandra Locatelli, will lead the Ministry of Disability. Also, the Salvini himself will be Minister of Infrastructureas well as Vice President.

As for Forza Italia, they also have five portfolios and a vice-presidency, reserved for Antonio Tajani together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those of Berlusconi have elected Paolo Zangrillo as Minister of Public Administration, and two women who will lead the University and Research portfolio, Anna Maria Bernini, and Reforms, Elisabetta Casellati.

The formation of the former Italian prime minister, under the representation of Gilberto Pichetto, will also lead the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, a portfolio that during the previous legislature was called for Ecological Transition, as he recalls La Repubblica.

Five technocrats with ministries

In addition to the three formations, there are members of the Government of Giorgia Meloni who present themselves as independent. This is the case of the Undersecretary of the Presidency, Alfredo Mantovano (who does not lead any ministry).

In this way, the Ministry of Sport and Youth (Andrea Abodi), of Cultural Heritage (Gennaro Sangiuliano), of Labor and Social Policy (Marina Elvira Calderone), of the Interior (Matteo Piantedosi) and of Health (Orazio Schillaci), are at the command of independent technicians.


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The new Executive of the Italy of Georgia Meloni