The new CEO of Mediaset España will continue to lead the Content Department and the Cinema division in Italy

The new era of Mediaset España continues to give the first steps of this stage after the OPA operation last March. First, it leaked the departure of Paolo Vasile and announced the arrival of three new CEOs, Alessandro Salem, Massimo Musolino and Stefano Sala.

Later, Alessandro Salem landed in Madrid ahead of schedule, he began to get to know the facilities, to meet with the presenters and began to make the first decisions related to the management of television content.

The new management has already taken a first measure, which fits in with one of the previous commitments to integrate more into the group in Europe, to maintain jobs and increase the budget for local content: Alessandro Salem will continue to the front of the Content Management and the Film division in Italy.

consensual decision

Alessandro Salem already had experience working in Spain in the times of Maurizio Carlotti and the early years of Paolo Vasile at the end of the nineties and beginnings of this century. Subsequently, he would end up being assigned again to Italy, and has ended up occupying the position of general director of contents of the Rete Televisive Italiane (RTI), the conglomerate that brings together all the Mediaset televisions.

His functions in this position is to be the head of the management of the television content of the group’s channels, both series and programs. He has also been in charge of the relationship with the producers trusted from there like Fascino della De Filippi and Medusa. In addition, he is the head of the Cinema division, at Mediaset Italia.

In recent days, he has been working on a new Content plan for Spain in 2023 and the redesign of a new strategy with which to achieve influential programming, with more political gatherings and less information from the heart.

But this is not going to be his only job. As Confidencial Digital has learned, Alessandro Salem will make his work compatible in Italy and Madrid, due to the “weight and importance of his work” within the company. Internal sources of the company affirm that this way Salem himself has admitted it in one of the recent meetings at the group’s headquarters in Fuencarral in which he has participated in recent days.

It remains to be known in detail how he will be able to combine all the details of a double job with that responsibility and in two different countries. No one knows exactly yet, but Italian and Spanish sources say that, even if he makes use of teleworking and video calls, his travels between the headquarters of Mediaset Spain and Mediaset Italia “they will be frequent”.

Italian sources assure ECD that, at first, it was suggested that Massimo PortaDirector of Entertainment at Mediaset Italia, will replace Salem in his position in Milan, an idea that has finally ended up being discarded.

Right now, the theory that is being pointed out for Porta, which also sounded like replacement for Paolo Vasile in Madrid, is that I work in Spain in a senior management position in the Content area.

The new CEO of Mediaset España will continue to lead the Content Department and the Cinema division in Italy