The Italy of the raspberry. La Russa is a gladiator

Dear Merlo, irony often comes back if not hatred towards what has been defined as “the government of the best”. Of course not all the best were the best. But there is no doubt that this is the worst government, even if not all the worst are the worst.

Sebastiano Sanguigni

Three weeks ago Italy was infected by the sobriety of the Draghi agenda, by the style of distance and discretion. Now every day there is a svalvolato of the government who snaps, with France says Defense Minister Crosetto we are “in a condominium dispute” … For journalists this great return of Italy of the raspberry (which in the end is the our guillotine).

Dear Merlo, I’m certainly not a political scientist, but I wonder: it couldn’t be proposed to the candidate Letizia Moratti a program of some unavoidable points worthy of a left-wing party, such as public health reorganization (without the privilege of private)? If the candidate subscribed to such a program, one might as well support it, I think. (However I do not vote in Lombardy, but in Zaialand).
Daniela Volante

There are many compatibilities between a good administration of the right and one of the left, but no common program and no notarial contract can make Letizia Moratti become a “leftist”. The lady is not a quick-change artist. If you want her, take her as she is.

Dear Merlo, yesterday you interrupted the reader “to protect her”. Mirella Magno of Bari who, speaking of the outburst against vaccines by the pharmacist undersecretary Marcello Gemmato, wrote to her as follows: “these are not fascists or post-fascists, these are c…”. Dear Merlo, what was written to complete that “c”? Nice, composed, cordial, courageous? Now the pharmacist Gemmato has told Michele Bocci that he is vaccinated and that “I don’t fall into the trap of taking sides for or against vaccines” it was just “a figure of speech”. Dear Merlo and dear Mrs. Magno, Gemmato has given us the confirmation: it’s a real “c…”

Mirella Magno – Bari


Dear Merlo, I propose the president Mattarella saint now.

Alberto Tamagno – Genoa

The attack on President Mattarella has just begun. And La Russa feels it Russell Crowe, the gladiator: “At my signal unleash hell”.

Dear Merlo, I attend the “Centro Astalli” in Palermo as a volunteer. In the morning we serve breakfast to women and men who lack almost everything, with families separated by bureaucracy. Every now and then, in addition to the “usual”, there are new ones, arrived from who knows where and how: laughter, chatter, never a word out of place, a wrong tone. Clandestine, irregular, they risked their lives on makeshift boats… Italy, which is a large country with a big heart, cannot afford to play on the desperation and misery of others, for sinister electoral purposes.

Cristina Cusimano – Palermo

We call them illegal immigrants because our lexicon is poor and scared like us. The immigrant, who in the light of day has no documents, as soon as he lands becomes illegal, criminally responsible for his misery. For him there is the “humanity and steadfastness” of the minister-prefect Piantedosi, who explained it very well yesterday in the Chamber: illegal immigrants will not fool him.

Dear Merlo,”Guys, I’ve done all of them!” I propose the guillotine for both.

Silvia Franco


The Italy of the raspberry. La Russa is a gladiator