The Italy of Brunello and the rossoblù Elettri wins in Ireland

DUBLIN (Ireland) – At times dominant, distracted only in the end of the first half but otherwise really positive for mental and physical endurance against the Irish of the same age, coach Brunello’s Italy Under 20 closes its magical 2022 by inaugurating the new cycle with an important performance in Dublin, imposing itself even more widely than what the final 50 to 47 tells.

First half

Already in the first half, the Azzurrini demonstrate that they have the right approach in the face of a team that is in any case ready to battle: the immediate goal at the start of the match channels the confrontation at a good pace, with a back and forth that in the half hour brought the score to 19 to 12 for Italy, built on greater effectiveness in the breakdown and on a sometimes overwhelming physicality in a closed scrum. However, an empty pass from the point of view of defensive discipline allowed the green jerseys to make holes twice in the space of a few minutes before the break, setting the fraction at 26 to 19 for the hosts.

Second half

Upon returning to the field, the blue XV immediately returns to playing a very solid rugby and within a few minutes first fills the gap with Gallorini’s try, then in sequence places those of Quattrini and Battara, with Sante precise in the conversions and protagonist of a good overall reading of the match from a tactical point of view. With the Azzurrini running far ahead in the score, Ireland picks up the pace and finds the -7 mark at the entrance in the last quarter, then the match gets rougher, with the XV of the clover finding the momentary equalizer on 40 at 40 in the 65th minute. A penalty from Sante and a try from Passarella 5′ from the end shift the balance again towards the Azzurrini, who no longer risk anything until the last few seconds, giving away the last touche to the opponents, then developed in the try that closes the match on the definitive 47 to 50.

Satisfied, but measured as always in analyzing the match, was the Azzurrini coach Massimo Brunello: “It’s a shame about the two tries scored in the first half, which I must say really made me angry, because otherwise the team expressed itself very well, at times dominating an Ireland which, both technically and in terms of character, has never had no intention of giving gifts.”

“In the second half it was clear that we had a different pace, without some lightness in managing possession we could have exploited some situations to close it much earlier, even if it must be said that their last try came from the lack of alignment between the time marked on the scoreboard and the one on the referee’s clock: we kicked out convinced it was over, instead they were able to play the last touch and went in there, closing on 47 instead of 40”.

“Apart from this, there are certainly many positive things to bring home, especially in close scrum and on general physical consistency, but also situations to improve, in defense and in managing possession. Against France in Rome we will try to capitalize on this experience by seeking further steps forward, with the aim of reaching the Six Nations in the best competitive conditions”.

The Team Manager Andrea Sacca wanted to thank the IRFU in particular for the support guaranteed in approaching and carrying out the friendly, overcoming the considerable logistical and environmental difficulties caused by the decidedly adverse weather conditions that are affecting the area of ​​the capital these days.

The match scoreboard

Ireland U20 v Italy U20 47-50 (26-19)

Scorers: PT 2′ m. Gesi, nt (0-5); 9′ m. IRE, t. IRE (7-5); 14′ m. Odiase, t. Saints (7-12); 27′ m. IRE, nt (12-12); 29′ m. Odiase, t. Saints (12-19); 36′ m. IRE, t. IRE (19-19); 40′ m. IRE, t. IRE (26-19)

ST 44′ m. Gallorini, t. Saints (26-26); 46′ m. Battara, t. Saints (26-33); 55′ m. Quattrini, t. Saints (26-40); 59′ m. IRE, t. IRE (33-40); 65′ m. IRE, t. IRE (40-40); 66′ criminal code Sante (40-43); 74′ m. Walkway, t. Saints (40-50); 80′ m. IRE, t. IRE (47-50)

IRELAND U20: Telfer; Nicholson, Cooney, Berman, Oji; Lynch, Oliver; McNabney, Quinn, Dunne; O’Connell, Irvine; Barrett, McCarthy, Hadden. Head Coach: Richie Murphy

Available (rolling subs, all in): Sheahan, Morris, McCarthy, Hopes, Gleeson, Cawley, Prendergast, Gavin, McErlean, O’Tighearnaigh, Mangan

ITALY U20: Simoni; Gesi, Elettri, Passarella, Douglas; Sante, Battara; Odiase, Rubinato, Berlese; Mattioli, Pontarini; Gallorini, Quattrini, Taddei. Head Coach: Massimo Brunello

Available (rolling subs, all entered except Di Stefano): Gasperini, Aminu, Artuso, Turrisi, Di Stefano (NE), Bozzoni, Brisighella, Bozzo, Ruaro, Scalabrin, Botturi

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