The Italian “Putin’s architect” on the run in Moscow: «Treated like a terrorist. I’m not going back to Italy”

Lanfranc Cyrilcalling himself «the architect of Putin» and investigated by the prosecution of Brescia for a series of tax crimes, has no intention of returning to Italy. “There Russia it’s my home. Here I have my work, my interests and my main relationships. At the moment I have no reason, or even desire, to return to Italy, given the treatment that has been reserved for me” he declared today, January 5, speaking about the arrest warrant which depends on him. «I was told that I would not even be able to take a plane to come to Italy, because a mandate has been issued Interpol against me, even one red notice (method Interpol uses to request to locate, arrest or extradite a criminal or a suspected criminal, ed), normally reserved for terrorists And drug traffickers» explained Putin’s architect.

«A special treatment for me… Just because I’m an architect?»

According to him, the measure of an Interpol mandate is deeply unjust because the Italian authorities know that it is Fly and at what address. In fact, he wonders why his extradition to Italy has not been requested “through the ordinary procedure established by law, which would make it possible to know what the disputes concerning me are and the documents on which they are based”, he points out. A treatment that of Italy that Cirillo finds incorrect and he strangely defines as “special”. “I find it very strange and I don’t understand, but it will be because I’m an architect and not a lawyer,” he concludes.

Who is Lanfranco Cirillo and why is he being investigated

Lanfranco Cirillo is an entrepreneur 63 years old of Treviso origins that enjoys the Russian citizenship. He called himself “Putin’s architect” because he worked for the Russian president and for others oligarchs. For example, he worked on the design of a huge Black Sea villa of the Russian president and with his studio in Moscow he would make over 40 villas for multiple tycoons. In August, the Brescia public prosecutor’s office ordered a preventive seizure of 141 million euros for multiple crimes. From an opaque tax return, al recycling and self-laundering. In addition to smugglingto the fraudulent transfer of valuables and to violation of the cultural heritage protection code. For these reasons, the Fiamme Gialle seized various properties, land and current accounts from him. However, it all began much earlier: when already in February of last year they did the first search of Cirillo’s house. In recent days, the news has arrived that the process at his expense in Italy will start on February 23rd. For his part, Putin’s architect has always declared himself innocent, claiming to be the victim of “aggression and persecution”. At the time of the seizure of the assets he declared: «My first fault is that I lived in Russia and worked and built for the oligarchs. Another fault of having brought the fruit of my labor to Italy…».

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The Italian “Putin’s architect” on the run in Moscow: «Treated like a terrorist. I’m not going back to Italy”