The gondolier Sara Pilla was elected Miss Italia Social 2022

Twenty-two years old, a straw hat on her blonde hair and a great desire to get involved with creativity and a genuine and positive personality. It is Miss Italia Social 2022, Sara Pilla, a gondolier who, thanks to her reel on her Instagram, will join the Miss Italia finalists in Rome to tell, in support of the contest’s digital team, the background and emotions of the final.

Miss Italy Social 2022

For five years already, Miss Italia has had an eye for the world of social media and the title of Miss Italia Social stems from the desire to include this aspect of girls’ lives, increasingly immersed in various online platforms. For this reason, in addition to the band, a digital marketing course from the digital coach training school was also awarded as a prize.

This year the “Miss Italy tells Italy” initiative was proposed to the aspiring Miss Italia Social: the task was to narrate with a video, with their own sensitivity, their city or in any case an important place in our Bel Village. The title of Miss Social Regional also allowed access to the Prefinals and could be combined with the other titles up for grabs. With her reel for “Miss Italy tells Italy”, Sara had already won the title of Miss Social Veneto, rowing through the canals of Venice and showing points of interest in the city, thanks to her skills as a gondolier, but also singer and musician. In the video for “La Bellezza dei Valori”, you have concentrated a well-thought combination of irony and personal values, all with a good use of the visual element and the unfailing musical vein.

From these videos, in fact, it is already possible to get to know the new Miss Italia Social more closely: Sara has an excellent musical background, which she has carried on with her studies since she was a child, and composes her unpublished works from the text to the melodies, instilling her deeper feelings with the hope of creating a bond with those who will listen to them. She also has a strong interest in fashion, which began as a child by stealing her mother’s shoes for home fashion shows.

The family is precisely one of the most important values ​​for Sara, as she herself explains in the video that allowed her to obtain the title, and in fact hers has always been present and an integral part of her life: «Family is fundamental for me , – he said – one of the reasons I get up in the morning is them. My dad is the ‘warrior’ who doesn’t give up on anything. My mom is ‘the artist’, we all know that artists reason with her heart and this is what allowed her to raise me in the beauty of simple purity in every gesture she makes. My sister Alice is the ‘jack of all trades’, she is capable of doing anything, even though she is 11 years old, she always continues to teach me new things. She accompanied me all the way to Miss Italy and I got here also thanks to her and her gestures to give me courage. And finally, our little dog Dallas, the ‘little brother’, gives us unconditional love and without him a part of the family would be missing».

The gondolier Sara Pilla was elected Miss Italia Social 2022