The “ghost goal” that sparked a scandal in Italy: the president of the beneficiary club asked to play the game again

The referee validated a ghost goal in the regional league match between Castellana and Noicattaro

An unusual and incredible situation in these times filled the players of the Noicattarosoccer team of the Amateur First Division of the Puglia region, in Italyafter the referee of the match valid for the date 14 of the contest validate a “ghost goal” with which the club Calcium Castilian he won the match.

The Castellana forward finished off wide with the left-footed booty after receiving a pass that left him face to face with the goalkeeper. The ball clearly hit the outside of the net, but the referee accepted the assumption as valid. The players of the team that benefited began to celebrate the 1-0 score, which would last until the end of the game, while the red-shirted team surrounded the judge asking for explanations.

The news quickly went viral and spread to the local media. So rude and obvious was the error of the Italian referee that Giuseppe Pellegrinopresident of the ASD Calcio Castellana, issued a statement embarrassed by the event that occurred on January 8 and even requested that the meeting be disputed againas it is an event “regrettable”.

“As has been clearly ascertained, it was a mere visual error by the refereewho mistakenly saw the ball enter the goal, attributing the goal to us, and consequently made us win the game. This evidence is certified by the many videos and still images that have appeared on our Facebook site. I must point out the simultaneous jubilation of some of our young players, who were involved in excessive emotional stress, praising the goal and thus contributing to make the situation very confusedwhich later translated into shoving, insults and threats from Noicattaro’s players towards ours”, signed the head of the Italian institution, according to what was published by the media.

Regretful for the arbitration ruling, Pellegrino continued with his defense: “I would like to emphasize, however, that it is not in the football tradition of our club, which has a history of 90 years, operating with deception or unsportsmanlike behaviorboth at home and away from home, in any case, during our sport or activity, we know well what it means to endure mistreatment, threats or unfair decisions by the referees, but we have always been proud of it, and for this reason we always walk with our heads held high, playing and being appreciated and respected by many footballers”.

“Going back to the episode, I would like to apologize for what happened on my behalf and on behalf of all the managers and, misinterpreted on the pitch by someone who has sinned inexperience. Therefore, with the unanimous consent of this group that I have the honor to chair, I ex officio request the Sports Authorities to be able to play the game again if possible, so as not to leave any stain on our ten-year militancy in the Amateur Championships and at the same time to immediately notify our decision also to the press. Confident in a benevolent acceptance of this request, I send you a cordial greeting”, closed the manager.

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The “ghost goal” that sparked a scandal in Italy: the president of the beneficiary club asked to play the game again