The art of Ortega Brú from San Roque is ‘shown’ in Italy

Reliefs by Ortega Brú with the original doors

Art has no borders and even more so if it is by artists as well known as the San Roque image maker Luis Ortega Brú

through the conference “A few doors for Italy”, the historian Alicia Ramos González has released the content of an investigation that locates the real location of some pieces created by this artist in Italy.

Thanks to the studies carried out, it has been possible to confirm that some of its pieces served as mold for some bronze doors that are in the Prelature of Opus Dei in the Roman town of Villa Tevere.

original panels

original panels they are plaster plates and they are in the museum of the sanroqueño image maker. The objective of the investigation was to find out the exact place where the final cast in bronze is located, given that when the museum was created it was unknown where the final gates would be located and later it was thought that they would meet in the Vatican.

This conference has been the second of the appointments of the program “Cultural Autumn at the Museum” of the Delegation of Culture directed by the mayor Ana Ruiz, and it took place this Wednesday in the plenary hall of the Palace of the Governors of San Roque.
After making a brief introduction to the figure of Luis Ortega Brú, Alicia Ramos explained that what is found in the museum are some plaster plates that served as a mold for some bronze doors, whose representation tells the story of the beginning of Opus Dei, and which were commissioned by its founder, José María Escrivá de Balaguer. To date, it is known that three of the six panels that make up the doors in relief were created by Luis Ortega Bru.

Ramos clarified that this is the first time that Opus Dei has authorized the images to be seen, since the doors they were in a chapel of a private oratory of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and of Opus Dei in Rome.


The Councilor for Culture, Ana Ruiz, who attended this talk, indicated that within the program of cultural Autumn activities in the museum, This conference explains the origin of the work, some molds by Luis Ortega Brú from 1956 and that served as a model for other doors that were made of bronze. He pointed out the mayor that after the investigation we finally know that these doors are in the Prelature of Opus Dei in the Roman town of Villa Tevere and that as a result of this study they see the light for the first time.

Ruiz thanked Opus Dei for providing the images “so that the people of San Roque can find out where these doors are today. Also to the colleagues of the Delegation of Culture and to Alicia Ramos for this magnificent investigation and work that she carries out with us”, he concluded.

Once the conference was over, all those present went to the Ortega Brú Museum to see “in situ” the original plaster doormodel of the later bronze door found in Rome.

Alicia Ramos González has a degree in Art History from the University of Granada. She has a master’s degree in Religions and Societies from the International University of Andalusia and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Seville. The delegation has organized four activities for the months of November and December under the name “Cultural Autumn in the Museum”. A storytelling session was the first, and all are free until full capacity is reached.

Other activities

After this Wednesday’s conference “A few doors for Italy”, the remaining activities will take place in December. Filiberto Chamorro will star on Saturday the 3rd in another storytelling session at the Carteia Museum under the title “The Museum’s Toys”. Starting at 11:00 a.m., the family audience will be able to enjoy various stories that have their origin in different objects from the Roman period that are treasured in the museum and that, in their day, were used to play with.

Finally, on Thursday 15, at 7:00 p.m., the guided tour “Christmas Iconographies in Luis Ortega Brú” will take place. It is, therefore, about discovering the pieces from the funds of the museum room of the Palace of Governors that were made by the artist from San Roque and that are related to Christmas.
In all four cases, these are free activities until full capacity is reached, so it is recommended to book a place in advance by calling 956 780 507 and 956 780 106, extension 2345, as well as sending an email to actividad.museos@sanroque. it is.

The art of Ortega Brú from San Roque is ‘shown’ in Italy – Diario Área