Tennis, United Cup: when Italy plays, the match schedule with Berrettini and Musetti

The United Cup is now close to the start, Italy will also be there: the Azzurri’s calendar, with days and times when they will take the field

The start is now near: from 29 December to 8 January, the United Cupthe new tournament for nations with mixed teams that will also involve Italy.

Italy United Cup –

A novelty that will also award points for the men’s and women’s world rankings and which will see the participation of several big names. The formula provides for 18 teams divided into six groups of three. The matches will be held in three different cities (Sydney, Brisbane and Perth) and will decree the six teams that will pass to the next phase. Pairings will take place by city with the three winners of the knockout matches progressing to the semi-finals, accompanied by the eliminated team with the best score in the group stage.

The participants were established according to three criteria: six teams based on the ranking of the best classified ATP extension; you are team based on the ranking of the top team WTA; the last six thanks to the combined ranking between best player and player. Criteria that have thus decreed the participation of the following nations: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, United States, Spain, Switzerland.

This is the division into groups:

Group A (in Perth): Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria

Group B (in Brisbane): Poland, Switzerland, Kazakhstan

Group C (in Sydney): United States, Germany, Czech Republic

Group D (in Sydney): Spain, Australia, Great Britain

Group E (in Brisbane): Italy, Brazil, Norway

Group F (in Perth): France, Croatia, Argentina

United Cup, Italy’s calendar

Berrettini and Musetti
Berrettini and Musetti –

L’Italy she was then placed in group E along with Brazil and Norway. There are 8 blue players called up to take part in the tournament which will be the prelude to the Australian Open. The strong points of our team are certainly Matteo Berrettini and Lorenzo musetti with a particular interest in the challenge of the Roman tennis player against Ruudscheduled for January 3.

The tournament formula includes four singles (two men’s and two women’s) plus a mixed doubles match for each match. As said the United Cup will be held from 29 December to 8 January and for the Azzurri the debut will be on the first day with the match against Norway.

This is the complete calendar of Italy alla United Cup:


Thursday 29 December (starting at 4 Italian time)

Trevisan vs. Haddad Maia

Musetti vs. Meligeni Alves

Friday 30 December (starting at 1 Italian time)

Berrettini vs. Monteiro

Bronzetti vs Pigossi

Mixed doubles


Monday 2 January (Start at 4 Italian time)

Trevisan vs. Eikeri

Musetti vs. Durasovic

Tuesday 3 January (Start at 1 Italian time)

Berrettini vs. Ruud

Bronzetti vs Helgo

Mixed doubles

The possible crossings in the elimination phase

Matthew Berrettini
Matteo Berrettini –

if theItaly should he manage to finish in first place he will enter the play-offs to reach the semi-finals. In this case the pairing foresees the challenge with the winner of the other group which will be played in Brisbane, therefore one between Poland, Swiss, Kazakhstan. The Azzurri have the opportunity to do well in this new competition which will mark the beginning of the 2023 season, a year which could reserve great successes for Italian tennis, starting right from Berrettini and musettiengaged in the United Cup.

Tennis, United Cup: when Italy plays, the match schedule with Berrettini and Musetti