Ukraine. War day 339: Italy

xr:d:DAE6ZJKjOXI:212,j:2701511558,t:23012813 On the 339th day of the war in Ukraine Tensions rise between Russia and Italy with an exchange between Dmitry Medvedev, vice president of the Security Council, and Defense Minister Guido Crosetto. In a post on Telegram, the former president who became a hawk among hawks attacked the head of our military apparatus, calling … Read more

Totalitarian Italy: the mobilization of the masses, imperialism and the road to disaster, fascism at the gates of war

TRENT. Now emptied of all functionality and action, the liberal regime was “officially declared dead” on January 19, 1939. There House of Representativesindeed, it came abolished and replaced with an assembly composed only of men appointed directly by the dictator. Formed by representatives of the National Council of the Pnf and of the National Council … Read more

Energy: Italy overcomes the crisis triggered by the war and presents itself with the papers in order in 2023

In the year that has just ended, Italy brilliantly overcame the energy shock caused by the war in Ukraine. The numbers speak for themselves: between October and mid-November, due to the heat, we saved 3 billion cubic meters of gas, 5 percent of all Italian demand. Although most scenarios on strategic gas reserves were pessimistic … Read more

Italy: war in Ukraine, Iran, immigration… what to remember from Giorgia Meloni’s end

This Thursday, December 29, Giorgia Meloni answered questions from journalists during the traditional end-of-year press conference. Iran, War in Ukraine or even immigration, the President of the Italian Council thus returned to several files. Questions and answers. The President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, held a major end-of-year press conference on Thursday 29 December. … Read more

In Italy, Giorgia Meloni declares war on wild boars


LETTER FROM ROME Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Senate President Ignazio La Russa in Rome on December 27, 2022. MAURO SCROBOGNA / AP In the midst of the painfully prolonged debates around the development of the Italian budget for 2023, a measure integrated into the finance law stands out. Adopted at the last minute … Read more

Italy and Poland declare war on the European Union and denounce the “dictatorship of the strongest”


In an interview with Italian media La Stampa and relayed by Politicothe Polish Prime Minister warns that Italy and Poland have undertaken to put an end to the dictates of the strong states of the European Union, in this case Germany and France, which decide everything as they see fit without consult others Will the … Read more

Maneuver, the tug of war between Meloni and Forza Italia and the fear that everything will blow up


Former minister Bonetti contemplates the chaos of the majority on the maneuver, then turns his back and whispers: More than a parliamentary discussion it looks like a rave party. Apparently just a joke, in reality an act of war: because the mention of him is not accidental of him, refers to the government decree which … Read more

“Another trip to Italy”: an exhibition retracing the places, history and memories of the Second World War

Pescara. From Wednesday 21 February 2022 the exhibition “Another trip to Italy. Places, history and memories of the Second World War”. Produced by the Ferruccio Parri National Institute, with the collaboration of the Landscapes of Memory association and funding from the Italian-German Fund for the Future, the exhibition was organized in Pescara by the Maiella … Read more

The Italian government is partially reversing its war against electronic payments


Posted Dec 19 2022 at 04:03 PM Giorgia Meloni renounces the Christmas gift intended for its electoral clientele, small traders and taxi drivers in mind. Following criticism from the European Commission, the president of the council removes from the 2023 budget the standard for refusing digital payments in Italy for any amount below 60 euros. … Read more

Pandemic, war, crisis: Italy has performed a miracle but the South is still behind


The three-year period 2020-2022 will go down in world history for a double leap in the dark: first the pandemic, then the war. A double global crisis that has brought with it an impressive recession, a very harsh energy crisis, the acceleration of an inflationary process that has not been seen for some time. We … Read more