The two Nigerian refugees victims of human trafficking in Italy and hosted in Breil will not be deported in the end

The kitty launched by the Roya citizen association will not have been in vain. Thanks to an outpouring of solidarity, parallel to legal action, the fate of two Nigerian women threatened with deportation is benefiting from an upturn. A time housed in Breil, Yasmina and Julia (the first names have been changed, note) had to … Read more

The actresses victims of harassment in revolt: “In Italy the Me Too has never started, different sensitivity”

“I rebelled against the harassment, I found my photos on a porn site”. “There’s a critic who sends pictures of his penis to actresses and if you rebel, they’ll be slammed”. “When she realized I didn’t want it, she slammed me against a wall.” It is the typical phrase of female actresses victims of harassment. … Read more

At the end of the year, Mattarella recalls road victims and Italy’s maturity for a female premier


At the end of the year, Mattarella recalls road victims and Italy’s maturity for a female premier. These are the things that struck us the most, the images of road deaths in Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Sorrento, on the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula are still alive, which followed Positanonews, then the war in Ukraine, … Read more

Attention to Spanish Women Victims of Gender Violence Abroad

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, in Spain data and reports referring to the situation in the country are presented, which specifically include specific actions in the field of immigrant women. In this sense, from the International Region we want to highlight that, in … Read more

Italy: in Palermo, a clinic for victims of torture


In Palermo, Doctors Without Borders runs a special clinic for migrants who have been victims of torture and violence, particularly during their passage through Libya. “We were locked up. Two Libyans and a Nigerian were armed with machine guns, while two other Nigerians had clubs. The living conditions were indescribable. They gave us sea water … Read more

Beatification of two Italian martyrs, victims of the Nazis

Victims of the massacre of Boves on September 19, 1943, the first perpetrated by the Nazis in Italy, Father Giuseppe and Father Mario were respectively parish priest and vicar in the Piedmontese town which they tried to save, paying for it with their lives. “Like Moses, they raised their hands to heaven to intercede with … Read more

Alarm for deaths at work in Italy: 677 in eight months, almost three victims a day. Mattarella: “Unacceptable for a modern country, you can’t risk your life to work”


The numbers are tremendous. And already alone they tell everything. Here they are. There were 677 fatal accidents at work in Italy in the first 8 months of the year, with an average of almost three victims per day. Compared to the same period of 2021, when the victims were 772, there is a significant … Read more

Trafficking and exploitation. One in 4 victims in Italy is minor, mothers blackmailed on the rise


A quarter of the 14,000 confirmed victims of sexual or labor exploitation in Italy have not even reached the age of majority. And high-risk young women from the Ivory Coast are increasing, along with mothers with children, often used as objects of blackmail by exploiters. Criminals who got stronger during the pandemic, using the internet … Read more

Coronavirus latest news. Covid, 51,208 cases and 77 victims in Italy today


Listen to the audio version of the article THE DATA OF THE CONTAGION Loading … At 16.15 today, Sunday 24 July, the new positives detected by the daily Covid bulletin released by the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection are 51,208. The deaths, in the last 24 hours, have been 77, for a total of … Read more