Ukraine. War day 339: Italy

xr:d:DAE6ZJKjOXI:212,j:2701511558,t:23012813 On the 339th day of the war in Ukraine Tensions rise between Russia and Italy with an exchange between Dmitry Medvedev, vice president of the Security Council, and Defense Minister Guido Crosetto. In a post on Telegram, the former president who became a hawk among hawks attacked the head of our military apparatus, calling … Read more

Ukraine, Urso sees Zelensky: “Reconstruction conference in March in Italy”

Enterprise Minister Adolfo Urso met President Zelensky and government leaders in Kiev today, ”bringing President Giorgia Meloni’s message of full solidarity with the Ukrainian government and people”. This is what we read in a note from the dicastery. Urso announced that ”the organization of a big conference on reconstruction which will put Italian and Ukrainian … Read more

Italy says “technical problems” delay shipment of air defense system to Ukraine


AFP Lula obtains support to condemn “vandals” who attacked Brasilia President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva obtained strong support from Brazil’s political and judicial power on Monday, a day after supporters of ex-right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro invaded official buildings in the capital, causing severe damage. “We are not going to allow democracy to escape our … Read more

Guerra, the Russian embassy in Rome: «Mines produced in Italy defused in Ukraine». Crosetto: “We distrust diplomacy from spreading fake news”


2023-01-09 19:02:23 Crosetto: we distrust Russia and diplomats on fake news about landmines “We warn Russia and its diplomatic terminals from continuing to spread false news on this matter.” Thus the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetti, regarding the photos of allegedly Italian-made mines spread on social media by the Russian embassy in Italy. For Corsetto, … Read more

Ukraine, direct

Jan 9, 2023 17:08 China to Russia: “The conflict must be resolved by taking into account the UN Charter” The new Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang explained to his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, with whom he spoke on the phone today, that China believes that the conflict in Ukraine must be resolved taking into account … Read more

Italy: war in Ukraine, Iran, immigration… what to remember from Giorgia Meloni’s end


This Thursday, December 29, Giorgia Meloni answered questions from journalists during the traditional end-of-year press conference. Iran, War in Ukraine or even immigration, the President of the Italian Council thus returned to several files. Questions and answers. The President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, held a major end-of-year press conference on Thursday 29 December. … Read more

Tajani: «Autonomy does not damage Rome. Ukraine, Italy will be the protagonist of the reconstruction»


Honorable Tajani, as Foreign Minister, don’t you believe that Italy’s weight in Europe and in the world risks not strengthening but weakening if the reform of autonomies passes, which aggravates the imbalances in our country and impoverishes its capital? «Autonomy must absolutely not accentuate the gap between North and South which weighs on our country … Read more