Rating Agency Warns Italy: Maastrict’s 3% Target Must Be Met By Investing.com

© Reuters By Alessandro Albano Investing.com – Rising borrowing costs and debt will limit the room for maneuver of the next government, which will have to improve the primary balance by 2% of GDP to remain within the 3% deficit limit defined by Maastricht rules . Italy’s economic line for the next five years is … Read more

Weather report. September first, meteorological autumn begins. Italy is the target of heavy rains and thunderstorms. Situation and forecasts


reading time2 minutes, 6 seconds Weather report Italy UPDATE AT 8. With today, September 1st, the meteorological autumn has begun and the general circulation sees Italy inserted in a flow of moderately western currents at high altitude that cross central Europe and lap the Mediterranean. Within them flow impulses of instability that involve our regions … Read more

Italy: after the Botticelli Spring, environmental activists target a symbol of progress | Knowledge of the Arts


Last Saturday, activists from Ultima Generazione clung to the plinth of Futurist Boccioni’s Man in Motion at the Museo del Novecento in Milan. This is the second such action in Italy. ” If the climate collapses, there will be no more museums, no more art “, had alerted the collective Ultima Generazione (Last generation in … Read more