Tajani in Egypt talks about Libya and migrants without neglecting the Regeni case

The visit of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs has just ended, Antonio Tajaniin Egypt, which arrived after the recent visits to Turkey and Tunisia and after the trip to Italy of the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, as part of his participation in the Med Dialogues organized in Rome last December. … Read more

Blogs | Iran, 100 days of violence. Tajani to the ambassador: “Italy indignant”

(Photo by Allison Bailey / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP) Iran at the end of 2022 has the face of Saha Etebari, 12, killed on Christmas day after regime agents opened fire on the car she was traveling in two days ago in Hormozgan province. She has the firm smile of Sarasadat Khademalsharieh, known as … Read more

Conference of Ambassadors of Italy. Commitment to the attractiveness, promotion and internationalization of the Italian training model in the session with Ministers Tajani, Valditara and Bernini


Rome – 22 December 2022. The sixth session of the XV Conference of Ambassadors of Italy, dedicated to Italy’s attractiveness in the world and held today at the Farnesina in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Antonio Tajaniof the Minister of Education and Merit Joseph Vallettara … Read more

Minister Tajani: “The Mediterranean and Africa at the center of Italian foreign policy”


The Mediterranean and Africa will be the areas on which Italy’s foreign policy action will focus in the coming months, with the aim of arriving as soon as possible at “concrete results” on the Libyan dossier and on the migration issue. This was explained by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani, … Read more

Tajani: «Autonomy does not damage Rome. Ukraine, Italy will be the protagonist of the reconstruction»


Honorable Tajani, as Foreign Minister, don’t you believe that Italy’s weight in Europe and in the world risks not strengthening but weakening if the reform of autonomies passes, which aggravates the imbalances in our country and impoverishes its capital? «Autonomy must absolutely not accentuate the gap between North and South which weighs on our country … Read more

Italy in the world. The Tajani program analyzed by Coratella (Ecfr)


Were it not for the current wartime context, the perception is that the migration dossier would probably have dominated the minister’s presentation. The analysis of Teresa Coratella, Program manager of the Rome office of the European Council on Foreign Relations Italy’s three polar stars remain Europe, the transatlantic alliance and multilateralism. This the kick off … Read more

Kosovo, visit Tajani and Crosetto: “Italy wants to be a protagonist in the Balkans, bringer of peace”


(From the correspondent Silvia Mancinelli) – The first extension dates back to this summer. The violent protests, the threats of violent tension, let alone the notices of fines and the invitations to enjoy concessions on car scams have not convinced. Today we are on the verge of a last warning launched by the head of … Read more

Migrants, French controls in Ventimiglia | Tajani: “Italy cannot be left alone once again”


The Paris Wall – “France had to welcome the Ocean Viking. We could not endanger women, men and their children. We work at European level so that (the Prime Minister) Giorgia Meloni respects her commitments and this situation does not happen again”, said the spokesman for the French government, Olivier Ve’ran, minister of “Democratic Renewal” … Read more

Migrants, Brussels warns Italy. Ma Tajani: EU support is needed


from Francesca Basso The warning from the European Commission: Member States have a moral and legal duty to save lives at sea BRUSSELS The tones are calm and are entrusted to the spokesperson of the EU Commission that deals with internal affairs and migration, Anitta Hipperbut the content leaves no doubt even when it responds … Read more

Forza Italia at risk of splitting: ronzulliani excluded from the government against Tajani


Of Come on Italy the epigraph of the definition he gave remains valid Fabrizio Cicchitto: “An anarchist monarchy”. There is a monarch in Arcore. But alongside the party of Arcore there is that of Antonio Tajani. And if in the control room, next to Silvio Berlusconi, there is Licia Ronzulli, the “Governists” they seem to … Read more