Giro d’Italia: here is the Maglia Rosa 2023. Cairo: “A symbol recognized all over the world”

Designed and produced by Castelli with recycled and sustainable Sitip fabrics, Enel top sponsor for the eighth year. A preview distributed in a limited number of pieces for the Christmas period, also available in all specialized stores and online shops from February Here it is, the new pink jersey, symbol of the primacy of the … Read more

Miss Italia is a symbol of beauty and Italian spirit, come back soon to Rai | CultureIdentity

The patron of the competition speaks: far from being out of fashion, we are the largest tour operator in the country Miss Italia is not just a beauty contest, it is a beacon for the younger generations, a popular event which, from the post-war period to today, has told the story of this country’s customs, … Read more

Sicily, two “Forza Italia” remain: Micciché keeps name and symbol, but is increasingly isolated


Which Force Italy? This is the pending question Sicily since, last week, the party at the regional assembly it split into two groups: Forza Italia 1 and Forza Italia 2. Two groups separated by a number, accepted by the president of Ars, Gaetano Galvagnojust waiting for it to happen clarity within Berlusconi’s party. A week … Read more

Giorgia Meloni says that the flame of the Brothers of Italy symbol has nothing to do with fascism


On Saturday, the right-wing Fratelli d’Italia party deposited its symbol in view of the upcoming elections. The symbol contains the tricolor flame, an image that has accompanied all the far-right parties in Italian republican history and that in recent days has ended up again at the center of various controversies, in particular due to the … Read more

Where does the flame of the Brothers of Italy symbol come from


In recent days there has been much discussion of the statements of the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni, who in a video addressed to the foreign press said that “the Italian right has handed over fascism to history for decades, unambiguously condemning the deprivation of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws ”. … Read more

Italy: after the Botticelli Spring, environmental activists target a symbol of progress | Knowledge of the Arts


Last Saturday, activists from Ultima Generazione clung to the plinth of Futurist Boccioni’s Man in Motion at the Museo del Novecento in Milan. This is the second such action in Italy. ” If the climate collapses, there will be no more museums, no more art “, had alerted the collective Ultima Generazione (Last generation in … Read more