How ready are we to transition? Italy takes steps forward | Fleet Magazine

How ready are we to transition? Italy has taken steps towards 2021, but the goals are still far away. This is what emerges from2022 edition of the Energy Transition Readiness Index (ETRI 2022). The study is made by REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology) and supported by eatona global leader in energy management … Read more

Italy: the first steps of Giorgia Meloni, between appeasement in Brussels and controversy in Rome


Italian Council President Giorgia Meloni and European Parliament President Roberta Metsola at the European Parliament in Brussels on November 3, 2022. YVES HERMAN / REUTERS While in Rome her coalition government highlights the polemical markers of a hard right, the President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, took her first steps abroad on Thursday, November … Read more

Italy: Giorgia Meloni takes her first steps in those of Mario Draghi

Posted Oct 23, 2022, 1:11 PMUpdated Oct 23, 2022, 1:50 PM The era of the “patriots” began in Italy. This is how Giorgia Meloni defines herself. She became Sunday the first woman to lead the Peninsula by bringing to power for the first time a post-fascist party that she managed to demonize. Giorgia Meloni and … Read more

Tourist strips naked on the steps of an Italian cathedral


Why does this city pay the tourists who visit it? 0:45 (CNN) — Since drive a car through the Spanish Steps in Rome to surfing Venice’s Grand Canal and smashing sculptures in the Vatican, some tourists this summer treated Italy like it was their personal amusement park. Now after a Czech tourist will sunbathe topless … Read more

Italy takes the first steps to rehearse a next far


With the formation of the new legislature, the process for the formation of a new government with Giorgia Meloni at the head begins in Italy. His associates Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi are demanding positions in the future cabinet. The Italian elections sealed a strengthening of an “anti-liberal” axis in Europe. Giorgia Meloniabout to reach … Read more

Italy in Class A: the project 5 steps as an engineer is underway


Cutting the ribbon of the training project of alternation school work 5 steps as an engineer, promoted by the National Program for Information and Training on Energy Efficiency “Italy in Class A” and carried out through the partnership between ENEA and the Evolve Maire Tecnimont Foundation. 5 Steps as an engineer is at the starting … Read more

The future combat aircraft of Italy and the United Kingdom takes important steps, while the Spanish project does not start


The project of future air combat system o Future Combat Air System (FCAS), from which will emerge the 6th generation Tempest combat aircraft, promoted by the United Kingdom and Italy, and to which Sweden has joined, continues to take steps forward, while the Franco-German parallel, in which Spain participates, is dangerously stagnating. These important programs, … Read more

Italy tourist visa: what are the steps for Algerians?


Since last March, the Italian Embassy in Algeria has resumed processing all visa applications, including for tourism. If you are an Algerian citizen and want to go on vacation to the country of the boot, you can start the process now. Indeed, as of June 1, the pandemic travel restrictions are lifted in Italy. Providing … Read more