Suspicions of price fixing in Sicily: Italy investigates | air journal

Italy has opened an investigation into a possible distortion of competitionclaiming that airlines ITA Airways, easyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Air had deliberately raised airfares on flights to and from Sicily The Italian competition authority AGCM (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato) said on December 23, 2022 that it was acting on a complaint from … Read more

Ancient grains, Sicily first in Italy: 27 registered varieties, “but low invoices”

It was once among the major wheat producing areas in Italy. Even today, however, Sicily shows that it has an edge in the wheat sector, in particular on ancient grains. “No less than 57 types are grown on the island, 27 of which are registered in the National Register of Conservation Varieties. A number equivalent … Read more

Parent 1, parent 2 | In Sicily there are officially two Forza Italia

Other than parent 1 and parent 2, here we have turned. And not only the genders are fluid, but also the parties. Because in Sicily, the genetic laboratory of Italian politics, exactly this happened. There are two Forza Italia (or Forze Italie? These days, as you write, you’re wrong). The reasoning is lacking but not … Read more

Sicily in a week: perfect plans for a perfect itinerary

Italy still remains an inexhaustible source of cultural experiences that intoxicate and attract all types of tourists. Even those who feel the call of the past less intensely find beauty in this land. Its profusion of ancient cities is an endless source of travel to the most glorious era of the entire Italian peninsula. Walking … Read more

Italy: a mobile clinic for migrant workers in Sicily


At the wheel of a small red van, a team from the organization Emergency travels the roads of Sicily to offer medical and psychological support to migrants on farms. It is on the roads of southern Sicily, between Marina di Acate, Vittoria, Punta Braccetto and Santa Croce di Camerina that you can come across the … Read more

Come on Italy, in Sicily dispute between Micciché and councilor Falcone


Quarrel between the leader of Forza Italia in Sicily, Gianfranco Miccichè, and the councilor for the economy Marco Falcone, considered very close to the president of the region, Renato Schifani. Nerves jumped just before lunchtime on the stage of the Fratelli d’Italia convention in a hotel in Catania. The governor did not witness the clash … Read more

A storm shakes southern Italy, with heavy rains in Sicily and Ischia


This content was published on December 4, 2022 – 09:13 04 December 2022 – 09:13 Rome, Dec 4 (EFE) , where several waterspouts have left flooded areas, flooded roads and overflowing torrents. Five regions are on alert this Sunday due to bad weather: Apulia (south), in orange alarm and where heavy rainfall is expected today, … Read more

Sicily, two “Forza Italia” remain: Micciché keeps name and symbol, but is increasingly isolated


Which Force Italy? This is the pending question Sicily since, last week, the party at the regional assembly it split into two groups: Forza Italia 1 and Forza Italia 2. Two groups separated by a number, accepted by the president of Ars, Gaetano Galvagnojust waiting for it to happen clarity within Berlusconi’s party. A week … Read more

Exports, Sicily outclasses Italy in terms of oil. Bad only iron and pharmaceuticals


Sicily runs on oil, at least abroad. In the first half of 2022, over 65 percent of Sicilian exports derive from crude oil, for a value of 5.3 billion out of a total of 8.1 billion. The island does better than the rest of Italy, and by a lot. Foreign sales of petroleum products grew … Read more