Salvini and Berlusconi against Meloni: Forza Italia is boiling, is the government already shaking?

Giorgia Meloni by now he has understood it well: since last September 25 he must be more careful of the allies Matthew Salvini And Silvio Berlusconi than by the opposition. In fact, the birth of the new government would not have settled the differences within the centre-right, on the contrary, if possible, the discontent would … Read more

La Récréation Milano: How a Frenchwoman is shaking up children’s fashion in Italy

At the service of the circular economy, Chloé Berthoule, a French expatriate in Milan, has just launched La Récréatin Milano, a Franco-Italian brand that warns of the need to change the way we consume. Meeting with a formidable ambassador of the upcycling. La Récréation Milano, a new Franco-Italian brand for children and mothers has just … Read more

Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal… the wage crisis is shaking up the Old Continent

Social conflicts aggregating a wide variety of anger around the same claim, sometimes exploited by the far right. After the invasion of Ukraine and the inflation, now is the time for protests. For several months, Europe has been shaken by social conflicts bringing together a wide variety of anger around the same demand, from Madrid … Read more