Telecom Italia defines its future in a scenario of uncertainty while in Brazil it closes an agreement with V.tal

Decisive hours loom over Telecom Italia (TIM). Wednesday is the deadline to define if the operator will join with OpenFibercontrolled by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), to create an infrastructure company that expands connectivity in the Italian territory. And although the president of TIM, Pietro Labriola, intends, with this initiative, to turn the operator into … Read more

Banks, Fabi: in Italy mortgage rates will exceed the 5% ceiling: subprime scenario in Europe

Listen to the audio version of the article Less credit and increasingly higher costs. Interest on mortgage loans, which had already exceeded 4% with the cost of money at 1.25%, with the new rise to 2% just decided by the European Central Bank, it is possible to imagine that they exceed the 5% threshold. An … Read more

Weather: November 2022 could go down in history, Projections confirm everything, Record scenario

Weather: November 2022 could go down in history, Projections confirm everything, Record scenario What if a Novembrata arrives?The month of November now at the gates, it risks enter historydue to the anomalous persistence ofAfrican anticyclone on Italy. The projections speak for themselves, one promises to be record-breaking scenario: a domination of the sub-tropical high pressure … Read more

ITALY SCENARIO / After the vote, the maneuver remains in the hands of Draghi


The Council of Ministers has approved the budget adjustment, an indispensable piece to free up about 14.3 billion euros for the Aid-bis Decree, after which the Government will return to focus on the Pnrr to then prepare the Update to the Def (which must be presented to the Chambers by 27 September). SPY FINANZA / … Read more

ITALIAN SCENARIO / The challenge of the NRP and the risk of a new 2011


It is easy to say “current affairs”, from now on to the elections on 25 September Mario Draghi will have to deal with issues that go far beyond normal administration, because the emergency is not only not over, but in many respects it has just begun . This applies to the economic and social situation … Read more

Confindustria, uncertain scenario for Italy due to factors acting in opposite directions


The scenario is very uncertain for Italy, resulting from factors acting in opposite directions. Energy prices are close to the peak, rates and spreads are up. Inflation is higher and more persistent, creating risks for consumption. The industry resists, a rebound is expected in services, difficult prospects for exports. The Eurozone is growing but with … Read more