Mauro Zárate agreed his arrival to a team that is fighting to save itself from relegation in the Italian Serie B

Mauro Zárate is a new Cosenza Calcio player Mauro Zarate will have a new test in Europe and in this case with the shirt of the Cosenza Calcio, a team that plays in the second division of Italian football. The striker was announced as a new reinforcement for the team that is last in the … Read more

In Italy, the government of Giorgia Meloni attacks NGOs that save migrants at sea

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during her end-of-year press conference in Rome on December 29, 2022. TIZIANA FABI / AFP During the electoral campaign at the end of the summer, Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the far-right Italian party Fratelli d’Italia had revived the idea of ​​a naval blockade to stop boats intervening at sea … Read more

Italy puts obstacles to limit the rescues of NGOs that save migrants at sea


The Italian government continues its battle against NGOs that rescue migrants in the Mediterranean, but the struggle has entered a new, less aggressive phase for avoid a direct clash with Brussels and its European partners, as happened a few weeks ago. The Executive of the far-right Giorgia Meloni approved a decree on Wednesday night to … Read more

How does the “save States” fund work, why is it scary and Italy has to approve it? What to know


The reform of the European Stability Mechanism (MES) is not the big issue, declared the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. As long as I count for something, Italy will not access the Mes, I can sign it in blood, she added. As far as ratification is concerned, Parliament will eventually discuss it, explained the premier, speaking … Read more

Meloni: «Italy will never ask for the Fund to save States. I can sign it in blood”


Of Paula DiCaro «Migrants, here who has money for smugglers. Income, no to those looking for their dream job” Greetings to your MPs, that to diplomats and that to all Italians, guest of Door to door. All before leave in the evening for Iraqwhere with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence Tajani and Crosetto … Read more

Italy intervenes to save Lukoil refinery and extends aid to Ukraine


This content was published on December 1, 2022 – 21:10 01 December 2022 – 21:10 Rome, Dec 1 (EFE) (EU) as of next day 5, in addition to extending the shipment of military material to Ukraine during 2023. The Italian Prime Minister, the far-right Giorgia Meloni, expressed her “satisfaction” for “a regulation with which the … Read more

Forza Italia increasingly ‘family matter’: money from Cav’s children to save the accounts


Forza Italia is increasingly a ‘family matter’. When the founder Silvio Berlusconi does not think about it personally (since 2014 it has paid out almost 100 million euros out of its own pocket), there are his companies or his family to save the party’s accounts. Sifting through ‘the list of contributions’ received by the blue … Read more

Brussels warns Italy of “moral duty and legal obligation” to save migrants at sea


The European Commission reminded the new Italian government on Monday that member states have a “moral duty” and a “legal obligation” to rescue migrants at sea, regardless of the circumstances in which they arrived there. Meanwhile, hundreds of people continue to wait aboard rescue ships near Italian ports without being allowed to disembark by the … Read more