Processo Open Arms, Salvini: rischio 15 anni per aver difeso l’Italia

L’ex ministro dell’Interno risponde di sequestro di persona e rifiuto d’atti d’ufficio. Nell’Aula Bunker di Palermo hanno deposto come testi l’ex premier Conte (“Non ricordo di aver sentito parlare di terroristi a bordo né di accordi tra Open Arms e scafisti”), l’ex vicepremier Di Maio (scelte Salvini fatte “per ottenere consenso”), l’ex capo del Viminale … Read more

Meloni prevails over his partners Salvini and Berlusconi with the extension of the shipment of arms to Ukraine

The Italian Government has decided to extend the shipment of arms to Ukraine throughout 2023. This is a sign of continuity with the line dictated by former Prime Minister Mario DraghiAlready promised in the electoral campaign by the current prime minister, the far-right Giorgia Meloni. But it is also a far-reaching resolution, given the ambiguity … Read more

Salvini, Vice President of Italy, mocks Juventus on social media


“LaLiga has long been one of the leading advocates for the establishment, application and enforcement of strict financial sustainability rules in football. In April this year, LaLiga filed complaints for breach of financial fair play with UEFA against Juventus, but also against Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain,” he said. He also recalled that the … Read more

Salvini and Berlusconi against Meloni: Forza Italia is boiling, is the government already shaking?

Giorgia Meloni by now he has understood it well: since last September 25 he must be more careful of the allies Matthew Salvini And Silvio Berlusconi than by the opposition. In fact, the birth of the new government would not have settled the differences within the centre-right, on the contrary, if possible, the discontent would … Read more

Surprise agreement between Salvini and Musk: what they want to do together


Elon Muskthe entrepreneur of Tesla And SpaceX, ended up at the center of controversy for the mass dismissals from Twitter and the “death” of the social network announced by users with the hashtag #RIPTwitter. The richest man in the world, in the ruthless race for market domination and control of one of the most important … Read more



The League of Calderoli and Salvini is a legitimate political project, but one that has a global impact, more than the collapse of Russia, because the Mediterranean counts more than Siberia in the world. In addition to the physical infrastructures, there is a lack of political ones: Italy is in the EU and therefore Lombardy … Read more

Migrants, Salvini: “Inexplicable nervousness from France, Italy should be protesting”


“The nervousness of some French politicians in the face of the arrival of 234 immigrants by ship is inexplicable. The protesters should be Italy, not others ”: is the comment of Matteo Salvini. Also Matteo Salvini intervenes in the question and answer between Rome and Paris regarding the reception of migrants. “The nervousness of some … Read more

Salvini challenges Meloni and ‘blocks’ 600 immigrants in Catania who do not know if they can enter Italy


For the leader of the League, the Italian nationalist Matteo SalviniIt is always an election campaign. Even now, it’s just started the new government of Giorgia Meloni of which he is vice president. Precisely for this reason, because he is the number two of an Executive who always dreamed for himself and who, three years … Read more

Meloni, the first woman to govern Italy with an alliance with Berlusconi and Salvini


The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, She will be the first woman to lead Italy. after accepting the commission to form the Government of the country’s president, Sergio Matarella. The oath of the new Executive will take place on Saturday at 10 at the Quirinal Palace, as announced by the Secretary General … Read more

Salvini says Italy will “no longer tolerate” “uncontrolled” migrant landings


Matteo Salvini wants the warespecially the media with the NGOs it is reactivated at all costs. This is what emerges from the last speech of the leader of the extreme right League and new Vice President of the Italian Government who, with a tweet, has suggested that Italy will prevent the landing of the humanitarian … Read more