In Italy petrol should cost less than in the rest of Europe

The price of gas in Italy without excise it is among the lowest in Europe. After weeks of fuel price controversy, the data is once again belying the narratives. The Meloni government had feared hypotheses of speculation on prices to distributors, introducing new features in the transparency decree. The petrol stations trade associations responded with … Read more

Italy is persecuting and fining IPTV users: a bad omen for the rest of Europe

In the fight to block the IPTV applications (Internet Protocol Television), the Italian police are taking measures that leave great doubts as to whether the rights of network users are being sufficiently protected. In an unprecedented campaign, as described by the Republicthe Guardia di Finanza has identified thousands of subscribers to these IPTV channels and has sent fines to their homes.

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Gas, this is how Italy will become the perfect bridge between the southern coast of the Mediterranean and the rest of Europe


There war in Ukraine has shocked the geopolitical balancehighlighting the risks of energy dependence by only one handful of suppliers. Over the past twenty years, the weight of the Petroleum for Europe it has decreased, but the resource remains the main source of energy. While the gas, renewables and biofuels have gained an increasingly large … Read more

The remains of Father Santoro will rest in his parish. Vicar of Anatolia: his mission continues


Tomorrow in Rome the transfer of the body of the priest will take place fidei donum assassinated in Trebizond in February 2006. His decision to leave to live the Gospel “in a reality on the peripheries”, building bridges with other Churches and Islam. Archbishop Bizzeti: “The Church in the Middle East is not a place … Read more

Russia will resume gas deliveries to Italy and says it is ready to deliver to the rest of Europe via the undamaged Nord Stream 2 line


Russia said on Wednesday it was ready to deliver gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, one of the lines of which was not damaged by leaks, announced the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Energy. , Alexander Novak. “If the necessary legal decisions are taken by the Europeans regarding its certification … Read more

At the heart of the Curia: the Italian microcosm and the rest of the world (3/5)


Leaving St. Peter’s Square via Via della Conciliazione is officially entering Italian territory. Well almost. Because, with a few exceptions, all the palaces that line the main avenue, which was pierced in 1936 by order of Mussolini, are the property of the Vatican. It is common, moreover, to come across concierges in blue jackets and … Read more

Women’s football in Italy: the reasons for the delay compared to the rest of the world


Where their colleagues failed males – win a European championship – it was the English girls who triumphed, beating Germany in the final at Wembley (2-1) and taking home the first international trophy in the history of English women’s football, the second after the men’s World Cup – always at home – way back in … Read more