School, teaching qualifications obtained abroad may be recognized in Italy: the sentence of the Council of State

For teach in Italy may also be considered validqualification obtained abroad. This was decided by the plenary meeting of State Council with a sentence signed by the president Luigi Maruotti. It is a green light for more than 14 thousand aspiring professors who in recent years had traveled outside Italy – especially in Bulgaria and … Read more

“In 2022 we recognized more than 4,000 new Italian citizens” (Giulia Campeggio, Consul General of Italy in Córdoba)

InfoNegocios: How did your diplomatic career begin?Giulia Campeggio (GC): The diplomatic career is done by public competition, as in all countries, and mine began 10 years ago in Rome, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. First I was in an office for energy and environmental affairs, then in another for Somalia -Africa- affairs, and then … Read more

Giro d’Italia: here is the Maglia Rosa 2023. Cairo: “A symbol recognized all over the world”


Designed and produced by Castelli with recycled and sustainable Sitip fabrics, Enel top sponsor for the eighth year. A preview distributed in a limited number of pieces for the Christmas period, also available in all specialized stores and online shops from February Here it is, the new pink jersey, symbol of the primacy of the … Read more

Italy: The use of a mobile phone recognized as an occupational disease

The Court of Appeal of Turin recently confirmed the indemnity due by the National Institute for Insurance against Workplace Accidents (INAIL) to an employee who developed a tumor following prolonged exposure to his mobile phone at work. A decision that should encourage companies to anticipate risks. A few days ago, the Court of Appeal of … Read more

Black Post’s appeal for the children of the new Italy: “They’re just waiting to be recognized”


ROME – Children and adolescents “not put first”. Moreover, only because they are children of parents with multiple and different origins, “forced to feel strangers”. The fault of a law passed 20 years agowhich excludes “a million children of Italy” who “are here too, they are part of this country and are just waiting to … Read more

The rape victim in Piacenza was recognized due to the video released online


The victim of sexual violence that took place on August 21, 2022 in Piacenza declared that have been publicly recognizedbecause of sharing on some publications (first of all The messengerwho later removed it) and sui social media of the video of the attack, which rose to the news also for being relaunched by Giorgia Meloni, … Read more